Sales Compensation Software is a technological tool used by many businesses to manage sales commission computations and staff payments to sales agents.

In simple words, this software assists companies in tracking sales success and determining the appropriate commission to offer a sales representative based on a range of variables, including sales targets.

So, we are here to make things easy for you if you are having trouble deciding which software is best for your business. Based on customer input, we have created a list of the top sales compensation software.

1. CaptivateIQ

Customers have given CaptivateIQ, a user-friendly compensation management software program, high ratings for its excellent customer service, straightforward design, and ease of use. This is the reason why this software tops the charts on the list of best sales compensation software.

This platform also provides automatic calculations that eliminate the need for lengthy spreadsheet calculations, and flexibility in the setup and management of commission schemes.


  • This software provides strong analytics for insightful sales performance information.
  • Effective CRM integration ensures efficient data synchronization.


  • Some users may require to go through a learning curve to properly utilize all of its functions.
  • Before experiencing the full benefits of this software, customers may encounter delays due to the initial setup process.

2. Performio

Performio is another best software solution designed for commission or compensation management. It has multiple components, including channels for incentive communication and automation tools for commission calculations in sales.

The goal of this software is to simplify commission payments and sales management. It includes pre-made templates and compensation plan creation tools. All of your bookkeeping, payment processing, and sales tracking can be done in one location.


  • The interface is simple as well as easy to use.
  • Enable consumers to download Excel files for personal tracking of sales.
  • Provides information about ongoing projects and their billing status.


  • Very little flexibility in user reports
  • Users want notifications of updates and a more thorough analysis of the previous month's activities.

3. Core Commissions

Core Commissions offers a web-based solution for automating the computation and administration of intricate sales commission systems. Those businesses who are looking to manage sales compensation with accuracy and transparency may find it to be a good option due to its ability to handle difficult rule-building, auditing, and reporting.

In addition, this software program offers customizable pricing choices to accommodate different business requirements and various reporting capabilities for monitoring commission payments and sales performance.


  • This sales software provides an exceptional degree of assistance.
  • Core commissions can transform data using an ETL module.
  • Automated method for determining commissions.


  • Core commissions sales software is not a specific mobile app.
  • There may be occasional disruptive technical problems while using the software.
  • Restricted cloud-based edition.

4. Spiff

Spiff has successfully reinvented compensation management with its rapid implementation and self-maintenance capabilities. By providing accurate, up-to-date information through a special tracking function, this software has gained trust and improved communication between the finance and sales departments. 

Moreover, this compensation software also scales easily, processing a large number of statements every day and enabling real-time modifications. Spiff guarantees efficiency, simplicity, and transparency with cutting-edge features like extensive audit trails, earnings analytics, and in-app feedback.


  • Comfortable environment combined with an intuitive user interface.
  • Provides great visibility for representatives on commissions.
  • Enables the retroactive modification of sales compensation data in a clear and user-friendly manner.


  • Installation is significantly delayed due to a slow and difficult onboarding experience.

5. SAP Success Factors

SAP SuccessFactors is among the top programs for sales compensation software. It is known for its extensive management features that streamline the entire compensation process. It simplifies the pay process and makes it possible to design, set up, and distribute customizable incentive plans that are suited to particular company requirements.

Different compensation models are supported by the platform for direct and indirect sales channels, such as quote-based, team-based, individual, and tiered programs. SAP SuccessFactors ensures precise computations using robust analytics.


  • All-inclusive management tools for faster pay procedures.
  • Supports a range of compensation plans designed to meet particular corporate objectives.


  • Complexity may require training and onboarding for effective use.
  • Customization choices may be limited compared to some other platforms.

6. Everstage

Everstage sales compensation software is designed to assist companies in optimizing their earnings through powerful incentive plans. Businesses may create and modify commission programs with Everstage, automate repetitive operations for accurate payouts, inspire sales teams with excitement and payout visibility, and gain insightful data to boost profitability.

In addition, this program offers a no-code platform for automating commissions in sales, with the goal of inspiring sales teams with insights into their profits and real-time visibility. This makes it easier to create, model, and modify commission plans to meet changing company objectives.


  • Facilitates cooperation between sales teams.
  • Gives notifications and insights that are actionable.
  • Simple methods for obtaining performance tracks.


  • Slow access and a few login problems
  • Statements and trackers could have out-of-date information.

7. Xactly Incent

Another popular sales compensation software is Xactly Incent. The business can construct flexible programs by using the design and management features provided by this sales compensation solution. It streamlines commission computations, gives access to reusable components like rules and quotas, and delivers insights to increase quota attainment. 

With capabilities like comprehensive incentive statements, on-demand pay visibility, and customizable workflows, Xactly Incent empowers sales teams, builds confidence, and produces better outcomes.


  • Xactly excels at calculating commissions and credits and has strong rule management.
  • Accurate tracking of organizational structures is ensured by effective hierarchy management.
  • The procedure of allocating credit is made more flexible by indirect credit obtained through designated relationships.


  • Limited interface customization; XLSX rather than CSV is the default download format.
  • Analytics reports do not include fired personnel, which reduces the comprehensiveness of the data.

8. Varicent

This sales compensation management solution helps mid-market businesses map out territories, pay sellers, and spot missed pipeline opportunities during the sales process. Beyond just automating commissions, Varicent's incentive pay management solution aims to inspire sellers, clear obstacles, and refocus attention.

This software tool varicent is on the list of best sales compensation software because of its extensive dashboard and tools that are representative-facing. With Varicent, you can give agents access to AI-predicted sales predictions, interactive compensation statements, error filing and tracking, and on-demand, real-time data about performance metrics and quota achievement.


  • Easy-to-use website for leaders and sales representatives.
  • Offers a variety of solutions for efficient data input and export.


  • The learning curve may be difficult at the beginning.
  • Unnotified updates may affect negatively the system's performance.

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