In West Virginia, Harpers Ferry is known to be one of the historic cities rich in cultural and geographical diversity. This city has been a major center of attraction because of the different types of hiking trails, and historic national park. Furthermore, many enticing churches and museums can attract tourists very often. Likewise, this place is also famous among tourists due to its beautiful structures of buildings, and restaurants with good hospitality.  

The list of thirteen major things that can be done in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia what you need is right below:

1. Visit the historical National Park-Harpers Ferry

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With the amazing insights of natural beauty and historical values, Harpers Ferry National Park is ranked as the best spot available in West Virginia. Many historical buildings and structures have shaped this national park by the side of two famous rivers Potomac and Shenandoah In addition, you can wander through the hiking trails inside the national park such as Industrial areas and civil battlefields.

Furthermore,  Murphy Farm, Halls Island, and Appalachian Trail Camp Hil are other major walking trails you mustn't miss while hiking through the hills inside the national park. On the other hand, you can also do rock climbing, and cycling across these trails here.  This is open every day except Christmas and New Year from 9 AM till 5 PM. 

  • Location:  65 Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, US
  • Contact: (402) 304 535-6029
  • Entry Fee: $10/ individual and $20/vehicle

2. Explore John Brown’s Fort

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John Brown's Fort is one of the major historical spots in Harpers Ferry. If you want to know about the historical events that occurred during the time of John Brown and his revolution against slavery, you can visit this fort. You can also understand how he initiated a raid to eliminate slavery.

Similarly, you can see the different weapons and tools used during those times. The fort is open to the public till 6 pm from 9 am morning and the entry fee of an individual is $10 excluding the parking charges. You can get ideas about the history of how this Fort played a vital role during the Civil War against superstitions and social evils. 

  • Contact: +1304-535-6029
  • Address: 171 Shore Ln, Harpers Ferry. WV 25425
  • Fee: Included in National Park Charges

3. Hike at Jefferson Rock

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Alongside the Harpers Historical National Park, you can find an amazing spot to add joy to your tour - Jefferson Rock amid Lower Town and Camp Hill. At the top of this rock, you can observe the panoramic view of nearby hills, rivers, and mountains. To reach the top, you can simply get the stony path to reach the destination. If you furthermore explore more about this place, you can also hike through the trail that connects this path, the Appalachian Trail. 

  • Location: Sited along the Appalachian Trail, Harpers Ferry

4. Observe St. Peter’s Roman Church

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Another amusing place you cannot miss out at Harpers Ferry is St. Peter Catholic Church. This magnificent church is situated near Jefferson Rock and by the shore of the Shenandoah River and Potomac River.

You can visit the church every Sunday and join the mass session open to the public. However, the church is only open to the public during the weekends you can follow the route of Appalachian and observe the architectural beauty of this church.  You can enter the church free of cost between 11 AM to 2 PM. 

  • Contact: +1 304-725-5558
  • Location: 110 Church St, Harper's Ferry WV 25425
  • Entry Fee: Free

5. Enjoy Rafting at Shenandoah River

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Another fact that can fascinate you at Harpers Ferry is whitewater rafting. You can enjoy rafting at two rivers Shenandoah and Potomac. Many local groups of tour companies can help you to access the joy of rating as a river rider guide. On the other hand, you can also get different other options to join the rafting such as self-guided or river riders guided, solo or group boating, and many more.

You can also get the chance to experience several difficult terrains to add fun to your river ride and there is no question of how better you are experienced with it.

  • Location: Harper's Ferry Adventure Center, 37410 Purcellville, VA, 20132
  • Contact Number: +1 540 668-9007

6. Walk at Joy Line Railroad and Explore the Toy Train Museum

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Another charming attraction that can amuse you in Harpers Ferry is hiking at Joy Line railroad. The route is quite simple and fascinating for all age groups. On the other hand, you can also add fun to your leisure time by riding the train that passes through the beautiful city. The nostalgic sounds of the bygone era, and take in sight add charm to your time.

Furthermore, the B & O rail house along with the section car house can trigger the historical touch of the Harpers Ferry. Likewise, you can also visit the train museum and educate yourself with the captivating antique collections of electric trains and toys during and before World War II.

  • Location:  933 Bakerton Rd, Harper's Ferry WV, 25425
  • Contact Number: +1 304 535 2521

7. Visit the ruins of St. John’s Episcopal Church

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The ruins of St John’s Episcopal Church are another incredible thing one must not miss during the visit to Harpers Ferry. This church can intrigue with its historical norms, as it was one of the churches used as a hospital and barracks while there was war US.  The remains of the church were then protected under the act of the National Park Service.

Once you pay for the national park, you do not need to pay to visit this spot and you can reach here along the stone walkway that connects Lower Town to the rock top.

  • Contact: (304) 389-1866
  • Location: 898 W St, Harper's Ferry, WV, 25425
  • Entry Fee: Free

8. Take Ghost Tour

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Another incredible thing you can add to your tour is take ghost tour. In the US, this ghost tour is considered the oldest and top-rated for about 52 years. The local companies conduct this tour package. During this tour, you get a chance to learn about the mythological aspects of the town that were related to the ghosts. This is done in the 14th block of the Lower Town.  

In addition, you will hear about the stories of ghostly happenings that connect the mythology and the Civil War that happened in Harpers Ferry. The tour takes about a couple of hours and $18 is charged for adults and $14 for children.

  • Location: Ghost Tour of Harpers Ferry, St. Peter's Church, 100 Church St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, United States

9. Shopping at Ancient Candy Shop

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If you are fond of chocolates and watching for the historical taste of Harpers Ferry, ancient candy shops are for you. You can find a variety of sweets providing the ancient local taste of Harpers Ferry. These shops serve the treats from 1500AD, 1800AD and 1900A. Along with these ancient tastes, these candy shops also sell the chocolates that are of nowadays. These shops are open during the daytime from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

  • Location: True Treats Historic Candy, 144 High Street Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
  • Contact Number: (304)-461-4714

10. Observe Armory Canal

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Another best part of Harpers Ferry is Armory Canal, which is situated at a unique spot inside the historical national park.  This canal is derived from the Shenandoah River and joins the Potomac River. If you want to know details of the historical background of Harpers Ferry, you can walk along this canal.

This canal was used as a major means for transportation of weapons such as guns, rifles, and armories during the period of civil war. After the civil war, most of the structures were destroyed, but the national park preserves the remaining building alongside the canal and hence it carries vital historical importance.

  • Location: 130-198 Potomac St. Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

11. Get enticed with White Hall Tavern

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Hall Tavern is another influencing historical site of Harpers Ferry which is conserved by the national park. This was established in 1804 AD and was considered an important location during those days. Workers used to gather here and revolt against politics, war, and general issues in those days.

Although White Hall was closed after the modern cities were grown, you can peek inside it and have a look at the historical pub lifestyle of locals back in history.

  • Location: 39 Potomac St Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
  • Contact Number:  (304)-535-6029
  • Entry Fee: $10/person

12. Peek on Antietam National Battlefield

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Another great spot not to miss out on during the visit to Harpers Ferry is the Antietam battlefield. This battlefield lies under the protection of the national park, which featured the war of Antietam, which ended in 1862.

You can visit this place anytime between 9 am and 5 pm except for Christmas and Thanksgiving days. 4110 per adult is charged as an entry fee and an extra $20 is charged for parking. On this battlefield, you also can see the collection of various kinds of armor, guns, and many more used during the war.

  • Location: 354 Prospect Ave, Harper's Ferry, WV, 25425
  • Contact: (304)-535-6029

13 Enjoy the artistic design of Harper House

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If the typical design and ancient structural buildings fascinate you, the buildings of Harpers can add pleasure to your tour. These ancient structures are said to be built during the 18th and 19th centuries. These structures were built using materials available in their localities such as stone, timber, and so on resembled the Greek style.  

You can also observe the historic buildings used during those days such as warehouses, fire engines, guard houses, forts, armors, and so on.  

  • Location: Harpers Ferry West Virginia 25425, USA

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