Frequent Flyer Programs (FFPs) are loyalty programs launched by the airline company to provide additional benefits for customers who repeatedly travel through their planes for their destinations. These programs work as incentives for the customers and help in retention for the airlines.

With the rising travel costs, astute passengers can turn to these programs to maximize their savings and unlock exclusive perks. However, with a plethora of FFPs offered by multiple airlines and alliances worldwide, it can be a daunting task to navigate the landscape.

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of FFPs, equipping you with the knowledge to become a mileage master. Unlock your full potential from these programs and enhance your travel experience.

SAS EuroBonus

Who Launched It: Scandinavian Airlines

With a SAS EuroBonus membership, you have the opportunity to turn your travel into valuable rewards. The more you travel, the more points you will add to your membership. You can use these points for lounges, upgrades, and other products.

A customer can book more than 130 destinations, offering ample point collection opportunities.

Why Should You Take This Program?

With a tiered membership system of Member, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, flying more means bigger upgrades and enhanced facilities.

Scandinavian Airlines offers an increased number of seats on their flights so you can get more points easily. The program's upgrades are also great; enough points will allow you to buy SAS Business or Plus.

There are also companion vouchers like the Amex 2-for-1 voucher which offers great cabins (like Lufthansa First Class) at a 50% discounted price.

United MileagePlus

Who Launched It: United Airlines

United Airlines' United MileagePlus is a great FFP for any airplane traveler to earn loyalty points and get great rewards and upgrades. It is great for flyers based in major US cities, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Asia.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

United MileagePlus boasts about being the No. 1 in economic award availability from the IdeaWorks Company Jun-Oct 2019 report. It also features the most award destinations, with the miles never expiring.

Many upgrades are present, such as Complimentary Premier Upgrades, PlusPoints, and Star Alliance Awards. United Airlines also offers many offers for their FFP holders, like the MileagePlus X, where you can earn miles through shopping and dining. 

You can also join MileagePlus Shopping (where you earn 1000 bonus miles upon joining) and Rocketmiles (where you can book hotels and get 1000 additional miles per night). 

Air Canada Aeroplan

Who Launched It: Air Canada 

An FFP introduced by Air Canada, Aeroplan is a fabulous way to get rewards and other perks while traveling via Air Canada. By becoming a member, you are set to receive upgrades for car rentals, hotels, gift cards, and more.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

With the Star Alliance network, you can tap into more than 1300 destinations globally. This offers a great travel choice for people to gather points. You can redeem your points for flights easily right from Air Canada.

Aeroplan also offers vacation packages where you can book your whole trip with enough points or book over 11,000 car rental places across the world. You can also use the Aeroplan points to book hotels and save up to 30% on hotel redemptions.

American Airlines AAdvantage

Who Launched It: American Airlines

American Airlines AAdvantage program is for savvy travelers who seek to hunt for earn rewards and upgrade through their travels across the globe. The airline offers plenty of opportunities through its global network in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

You can earn miles from various means, for instance, by flying on American Airlines or any OneWOrld Airlines and partnered ones. You can also increase your mileage faster by purchasing bonus miles with an eligible flight.

Likewise, you redeem your miles through available flight awards for as low as 7500 miles each way. You can enjoy your flight experience by getting seats in a higher cabin.

Other ways to spend your miles are through hotel stays, vacation packages, and buying retail products.

JetBlue TrueBlue

Who Launched It: JetBlue Airlines

Known for having a customer-centric approach, the JetBlue TruBlue program is best for travelers from East Coast US areas like NYC, Orlando, and Boston.

This program is unique in that points are earned based on the money you spend rather than the miles you fly. Hence, expensive ticketholders gain more from this FFP.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

A very important feature of this program is the presence of no blackout dates, so you can enjoy your straightforward earnings.

Your points will never expire and you can redeem them through partners like Hawaiian Airlines and Qatar Airlines.

TrueBlue has made it easy to earn points right from your home as well. You can earn them from shopping, dining, and other daily-life purchases.

Moreover, you can get access to exclusive offers from partners like Heathrow Express, Peacock, and BLADE.

Delta SkyMiles

Who Launched It: Delta Airlines

Delta SkyMiles is a great flyer program that offers an incentive for millions of people to redeem and earn from their flights and other Delta-supported endeavors.

With Delta serving flights for about 300 destinations, its frequent flyers are majorly based in LA, Detroit, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Boston, and Seattle.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

There are many options to earn points apart from the flight travel such as Starbucks, Ticketmaster, Turo, Lyft, and more. You can get free upgrades, lounge access, and boarding priorities with the Medallion status (elite membership) too.

With the earned points, you can utilize them on various things like credit cards, hotel stays, and cabin upgrades.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Who Launched It: Alaska Airlines

With over 100+ available destinations, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is suitable for people from Alaska, US Pacific Northwest cities like Portland and Seattle, as well as nations like Canada and Mexico.

Why You Should Choose This Program?

As a member, you will get to earn miles from over Alaska flights, and with the inclusion of global partners, you can reach over 900 destinations.

Award travels begin at 5,000 miles. You can earn miles via hotel partners, car rentals, and other retail purchases as well. 

When you fly for 20,000 miles, then you become eligible for the MVP Elite status. Its benefits include preferred seating, priority boarding, and free checked bags.

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