Selling a house in 2024 comes with its challenges. Apart from finding a potential buyer willing to pay the asking price, the homeowner is also responsible for preparing tons of paperwork and regularly cleaning the house before showing.

On average, it takes around 43 days in the US to complete the process of selling a house. However, not all homeowners have the luxury of waiting for over a month. Remember, there are ways to sell a house faster than the average estimated time.

If you are planning to go the faster way even after careful consideration, we've listed some smart tips that will help you sell the house quickly for a reasonable price.

1. Allow Light To Enter

No one wants to live in a dark house; let maximum light in by opening all the curtains and sheds. Place articificial lights in areas where natural sunlight doesn't reach.

Additionally, regularly cleaning your windows and placing larger windows are great options for potential sellers who can afford to spend a few bucks. Realtors also recommend leaving the curtains open and lights on when exiting your home. This will let any potential buyer driving by get a good look of the house interiors.

These tips may help maximize light for an overall brighter house:

  • Place mirrors strategically to reflect maximum amount of light.
  • Use glass doors instead of traditional wooden doors.
  • Install LED lights in darker areas of your home.
  • Replace dark rugs with lighter-color options to reduce absorbtion of light.
  • Remove cluttered furniture to allow the light to circulate.

2. Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent

You can directly sell the home through the "For Sale By Owner" way or go through a professional realtor. While a real estate agent will take up a percentage of your selling price, they will also likely draw a higher price than you would by selling the house directly.

A real estate agent with years of experience in the field can make a reasonable deal of your behalf. They can also give helpful tips on how to set up a house for a potential buyer along with advice on any repair or modification.

These are some tips on finding the best real estate agent who cater best to your needs.

  • Hire an exclusive buyer's agent instead of a realtor who works in a team.
  • Select a real estate agent who has a proven track record of selling houses. Don't hire a super busy agent as they not give the desired time or attention to your home.
  • Avoid agents with multiple clients at one time.
  • Hire an agent familiar with the neighborhood.

3. Quote An Appropriate Price

One mistake most new sellers make is setting the price too high with an intent to lower it during negotiation. While this seems like a clever idea, it's not a practical solution and almost never works.

Potential buyers get immediately turned off by a high price. They may not even consider visiting the property before looking for a second option. Lowering the original price also has a negative impression on buyers as they feel there is something wrong with the house.

These factors may come handy while determining the right price for your home.

  • Price of similar houses nearby
  • Original price of the house and inflation over the years
  • Area covered by the property
  • Time required for emergency services to respond.

4. Hire A Professional Photographer

Consider hiring a photographer to take suitable photos of the interior and exterior of your house. If you are listing a property online, displaying amateur photographs may do more harm than good.

Choose a photographer who can take quality pictures, highlighting the unique features of your home. You'll need at least 30 pictures from different regions of the property to create an effective portfolio.

Look for these qualities in the photographer you're willing to hire.

  • A diverse portfolio with samples of their works
  • Style that matches your home
  • Years of experience working with homeowners
  • Specialty in commercial property and real estate photography
  • Flexibility in working hours.

5. Maintain A Clean Home

A dirty house is an instant turn off for many buyers. On the other hand, a clean house is enough to make a good first impression on the buyer. A house ready to be moved-in has a higher probability of getting sold than an unmanaged property.

Consider regularly cleaning these areas while your home awaits its new owner:

  • Room corners and floors
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Cabinet interiors and kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom, toilet, showers, and tubs
  • Windows
  • Garage and basement
  • Living room.

6. Repaint Your Home

Repainting your home will give it a fresh outlook, attracting potential buyers. The new paint smell will create a positive impact on the client's mind as they perceive it to be relatively newer.

Choosing the right color is crucial before you start repainting. Create a neutral palette by using lighter colors like white, cream, or gray. New homes are often painted in white. So, giving it a white coat can create the impression of a new home among the buyers.

7. Host A 3D Tour With Drones

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people have emphasized virtual tours instead of physically visiting a place. This trend has also affected the real estate industry as more and more parties are using drones to virtually tour a home.

Giving a 3D tour of your property or making a 3D video allows potential buyers to explore the home from different angles and perspectives. Just be careful that a 3D tour will also clearly show any flaw with your home.

8. Be Flexible With Visiting Hours

Mandating fixed hours for buyers to visit your property is never a good property. Busy clients, with a higher probability of buying, will not necessarily visit during normal office hours. They'll want the seller to be flexing with the showing.

If you demand a 24 hour notice for showing the house, chances are the buyer will not be patient enough to wait that long. They may decide to go with the next option.

  • Be available on weekends and evenings are busy individuals will likely visit during this period.
  • Ask for a prior notice of maximum 4 to 6 hours. Remember demanding a shorter notice period will directly increase the likelihood of sales.
  • Try to set up broader visiting windows like morning, afternoon, and evening instead of specific hours.

9. Free Up Space By Removing Excess Furniture

If the furnitures are taking up a lot of space, the client may perceive the house to be smaller. Decluttering excess furniture will plenty of space for the client to visit different areas of the house.

The technique doesn't only work on furniture, it also works on storage space. Emptying the closets, drawers, and other storage areas will give an accurate picture of the available storage space.

These tips will help you ease up the process of removing furniture.

  • Only display furniture that makes a positive impression on the buyer.
  • Set up furniture specific to the area of the home. For instance, placing a chair and desk in a living room is not a good idea.
  • Rent a storage unit or self-storage container to move the extra furniture.
  • Don't overstock your cabinets with books.
  • Remove appliances you regularly use if they don't match with the look of the room.

10. Depersonalize Your Home

Removing personal items is a crucial part of preparing your home for showing. Buyers want to visualize their family's future in the house, and leaving your personal items on display will hinder the process.

You want the person to picture themselves as the owner of the house, not you. So, it's wise to not leave your personal belongings where visitors can easily notice them.

  • Remove all family photos, political memorabilia, and religious items from display.
  • Replace family photos with neutral art pieces.
  • Remember to remove nails and fill nail holes before showing the house.

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