Simply washing your face is not enough to remove a full day's makeup, particularly long-lasting formulas or waterproof products.

So, makeup removers are important to cleanse your skin thoroughly, stopping clogged pores, breakouts and keeping your complexion healthy. Buying the right one can be tricky since there are many available options.

This guide explores top 15 makeup removers across various forms to help find the perfect fit for your skin type and makeup routine.

Glossier Milky Oil

Price: $16 (Glossier)

Best For: Any type of skin

Glossier's Milky Oil is a dual-threat makeup remover that tackles tough makeup without being harsh on your skin. It mixes micellar water and lightweight oil to effectively dissolve long-wearing and waterproof formulas.

The product also contains comfrey root extract and pro-vitamin B5 that condition and soothe your skin, making it suitable for all skin types.

Natura Brasil Bi-Phase Makeup Remover

Price: $21.87 (Natura Brasil)

Best For: Acne-prone skin

This product combines nourishing Amazonian oils with water to gently remove any sort of makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It is also gentle on the skin and free from harsh chemicals and irritants.

A convenient makeup remover for eyes, lips, and face, Natura Brasil Bi-Phase Makeup Remover has plant-based glycerin which skin soft and hydrated. Utilize this product via a soft cotton wool pad.

Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Price: $15.19 (Amazon), $19.99 (Walmart) - 80 Pads

Best For: Oily Skin

This product is gentle like water on your eyes, and effective at removing makeup at the same time. Soft pads remove everyday eye makeup without greasy residue. Likewise, Almay's remover pads are infused with aloe, cucumber and green tea for a clean, gentle cleanse.

It doesn't pull or tug on skin and a bonus feature is that this product is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and cruelty-free.

La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water

Price: $18 (Amazon)

Best For: Normal skin

This product lifts away dirt, oil, makeup, and even microscopic particles with tiny micelles that act like magnets. It can remove 99% of long-wear foundation without irritation, and thus is quite effective.

Moreover, the cleanser will also provide a mild scent after its usage, giving you a fresh feel. With this no-rinse solution, you will save lots of time and effectively do all three in one go: cleanse, tone and remove makeup.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Price: $15 (Amazon)

Best For: All types of skin

DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil melts away makeup like waterproof mascara and eyeliner with its powerful oil-based formula. You will see a gentle cleanse in no time with its water-soluble formula. The product is formulated with olive oil so that it keeps you hydrated and youthful-looking.

Deep Cleansing Oil is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help fight free radicals and environmental damage.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

Price: $20.76 (Bioderma)

Best For: Sensitive skin, Combination skin

This product utilizes micelles to gently cleanse and remove makeup without disrupting your skin's natural balance. An interesting fact is that Bioderma is the inventor of micellar technology.

It effectively removes makeup from your entire face and eyes and provides instant soothing comfort while respecting your skin's natural hydrolipidic film. Moreover, Sensibio H2O is fragrance-free, very well-tolerated, and requires no rinsing.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Price: $13 (Amazon)

Best For: Normal, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, and Combination Skin

With aloe and cucumber extracts to soothe and calm the skin, Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover prevents tugging, pulling or stinging of skin. This product is 100% oil-free liquid that effectively removes all eye makeup, including waterproof mascara.

Using it leaves no greasy residue behind on your skin, and refreshes the eye area. Shake well before use, and apply it to a soft cotton pad.

Eadem Dew Dream Cleansing Balm

Price: $30 (Sephora)

Best For: All types of skin

Eadem Dew Dream Cleansing Balm effortlessly removes all traces of makeup and SPF without any harsh tugging. It also leaves your skin feeling baby soft and deeply hydrated after its use.

It contains Tiger Grass that aids to soothe and repair damaged skin. There is also Allantoin which promotes healthy skin cell turnover and offers lasting hydration. Meanwhile, Kalahari Melon and Moringa unclogs pores.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Price: $10.49 (Garnier)

Best For: All types of skin

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water's micellar water removes makeup and refreshes your skin in one easy step. These micelles gently attract and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh rubbing.

This product's soothing formula is powerful yet gentle, even for sensitive skin. It helps cleanse thoroughly without over-drying, leaving your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

Klorane Make-Up Remover Water

Price: $26.00 (Klorane)

Best For: Sensitive skin

A 3-in-1 product, Klorane Makeup Remover Water cleanses your skin, removes makeup, and tones your skin in one swift use. It is perfect for people for sensitive skin, as the micellar technology gently removes makeup and impurities without harsh rubbing. 

Moreover, this micellar water is formulated to minimize allergic reactions, becoming perfect for contact lens wearers. It has vegan formula, i.e. it is is free from animal-derived ingredients.

Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover

Price: $19 (Amazon)

Best For: Sensitive skin

Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover is a perfect tool that dissolves even waterproof mascara, foundations and lipsticks while hydrating your skin. Using it will clear the skin without a trace of greasy residue.

It contains a gentle formula with aloe vera and antioxidants that is sure to leave your skin soft and supple. This fragrance free product can be a great addition to your makeup arsenal.

Ranavat Lotus Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

Price: $55 (Sephora)

Best For: All types of skin

Ranavat Lotus Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm effectively removes impurities for balanced, restored skin. This product assists in renewing the skin for youthful radiance and a smooth, refined complexion.

With the presence of shea and mango butter, this product helps to soften skin and dissolve makeup easily. Meanwhile, sunflower, sesame, and blue tansy oils calm and nourish the skin barrier.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Price: $38 (Sephora)

Best For: Dry, Normal, and Combination skin

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm removes all makeup as well as sunscreen. Safflower Seed Oil is a key ingredient that helps to effectively break up natural oils on skin.

Moreover, this product is 100% fragrance-free and cleanses without stripping, leaving skin soft.  This makeup remover unclogs pores and removes impurities, while keeping the lashes and brows healthy.

Juno & Co. Clean 10 Cleansing Balm

Price: $14 (Amazon)

Best For: All types of skin

Featuring 10 simple ingredients, this Cleansing Balm is affordable and gentle on the skin. Using this product means that you will have no greasy residue to witness afterward, just clean and hydrated skin.

Its non-irritating formula with a light, pleasant fragrance presents a fresh scent for the user. Pearl Barley is a key ingredient that nourishes and softens skin. Vitamin E is also present which offers antioxidant protection.

Sisley-Paris Gentle Make-Up Remover

Price: $147 (Nordstorm)

Best For: All types of skin

Known as Eau Efficace Démaquillant Doux, this 3-in-1 product cleanses, removes makeup, and tones the skin in one shot. It is mild and non-drying for the face, eyes, and lips. Likewise, this product contains multiple vital ingredients like Matricaria, Cornflower, Gardenia and Orange Blossom extracts that effectively remove makeup.

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