Two preschool teachers have been arrested for allegedly hurting children in their classrooms.  Teachers got physical with the children aged 2 and 3.

One of the teachers was kicking the child in the back with a knee and the other was poking one of the children in the forehead with her finger and shouting at the student from the front. They were arrested after parents watched them abuse two and three-year-old students on a live video stream from the classroom. 

This incident happened on Thursday, June 2 and the footage was observed by the parents who find out about their children being hurt. Immediately they called the police, and the two teachers were arrested.

Here Is What We Know About Zeina Alostwani 

Alostwani is the Pre-Primary teacher of Parker Chase School situated in East Roswell, Georgia. Footage from inside the Pre-Primary B classroom of Parker Chase School is now viral as Ziena and Briceno are seen showing their cruelty to the next level to the innocent kids.

As seen in the video, children sat in a circle on the floor as a group and the teachers are pushing and shouting at them.

Georgia preschool teacher captured on CCTV footage assaulting kids
Georgia preschool teacher captured on CCTV footage assaulting kids

When the parents complained about it to the school at first, the school was not believing it and took a step back but the parents demanded to remove the teachers immediately from the classroom and didn't leave until they got removed.

Later, police arrested both the teachers and charged them both with cruelty to children in the first degree. In Georga, such cruelty is charged with a minimum of five years and a maximum of up to 20 in prison.

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Zeina Alostwani Age 40 and Career In Montessori

 Zeina Alostwani is currently 40 years old, and her partner Briceno Sorianais is 19 years old.  They have been arrested by the police for abusing children between two and three years old. 

Alostwani was charged a $75,000 bond, and Briceno was not given a bond due to her immigration and asylum status. Currently, the pair is in Fulton County Jail. 

The teachers were caught as Gloria Barghi, the mother of one of the preschoolers in the classroom had a weird feeling and she went to watch her son.

As per Gloria, she pulled up the app and picked it up at the time Zeina was assaulting the child. The video shows clear evidence that it was intentional and the teachers have been doing all this for a long.

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More On Her Husband and Married Life

Since Zeina Alostwani got arrested, no family member has even come forward. Also, we do not have her Wikipedia and any other information on social media. However, we have no idea whether she is married or not. 

The incident happened at Parker-Chase Preschool of East Roswell, located along Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta. According to the school teachers, the children were  2 and 3 years old in the pre-primary classroom.

One of the child's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barghi, revealed that they had noticed the changes in behavior in the past, and now they knew the reason as their son was not liking the teacher and does not want to come to the classroom.

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Let's Find Out About Zeina Alostwani Family

Looking at her behavior, we can assume that she may have miserable childhood or have some problems with the kids.

From her abusive nature, we can assume that Zeina Alostwani does not seem to have any children because no mother can show such cruel behavior to such an innocent child. Parents have so much trust in the school and the teachers, but such incidents make parents and children insecure.

After this situation, several victims have come forward, and now the investigation continues. Also, the teachers have been fired over the “inappropriate disciplinary actions.”

The children are well, and they are now with their parents

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