Who Is Zebrinha Dançarino? Wikipedia Idade And More

Zebrinha directs documentary about the Memory of Black Dance in Bahia
Zebrinha directs documentary about the Memory of Black Dance in Bahia( Source : viptod )

The well-identified dancer and choreographer Zebrinha Dançarino is yet to be discovered on Wikipedia. He seemed to be in his early fifties.

Zebrinha began his dancing career in his teenage years and committed his life to dance for more than four decades. He made the headlines recently for the new season of the show Dança dos Famosos, from Domingo com Huck, from Rede Globo.

Zebrinha Dançarino Wikipedia Idade

Despite being a well-known choreographer, Zebrinha has yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page. However, his short biography is available on various sites. Although he has kept his age a secret from the public, based on his acting career and outward appearance, he appears to be in his early fifties.

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From starting his career in 1993 till the present date, he has established himself as one of the most experienced dancers and choreographers. His main foray is into classical and modern dance. He has been on the technical jury of the recent show, Dança dos Famosos.

He was selected as a jury along with two veteran choreographers, Ana Botafogo and Carlinhos de Jesus, and the audience was eager to watch the performance of the dancers.

He made an impression on the viewers with his exceptional skills and has already choreographed dozens of successful shows. He has established himself as a qualified dance trainer in North American and European companies.

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About Zebrinha Dançarino Family Ethnicity

The relevant information about the family of Zebrinha has not been disclosed yet. He does not want to blend his details with his professional life. Therefore, we can not discover any details about his parents.

Brazilian society is comprised of a variety of people of several different origins. Most of the people belong to the original Native Brazilians, influenced by Portuguese colonists and people of African descent. 

The same is true for groupings of Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Lebanese, and Japanese people in this community. Since Zebrinha is from Brazil, his ethnicity is a mixture of white and black.

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He considers his profession a means of satisfaction, motivates people to follow their dreams, and prepares them to be proficient dancers. He revealed that he had a passion for dancing and art from childhood and dreamed of being a popular artist. His first solo performance at school, representing the nucleus of the water molecule, was highly praised by his teachers, and the initial journey of a veteran dancer started from here. 

How Much Is Zebrinha Dançarino Net Worth?

The net worth of Zebrinha Dancarino is assumed to be approximately $10 million to $15 million. Nonetheless, his exact earnings are yet to reveal. 

Moreover, Carlos Arandiba, also known as Zebrinha, has managed his body flexibility and followed a healthy diet for his profession. He keeps his fans updated through his Instagram accounts and has posted several pictures with his friends and fellow artists.

One of the participants of Dança dos Famosos, Jessica Ellen, praised the skills of Zebrinha and stated Zebra is a foremost mentor for Brazilian dance, Afro dance, and fashionable dance. Since net worth and income may vary with time, it can be assumed that Zebrinha will have an immense net worth with his successful career.

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