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Yung Bleu Rapper Songs With Meanings

A picture of Yung Bleu as 'Bleu Vandross', in a stylish outfit by Gucci. (Source: Facebook)
Source : facebook

A young American rapper Jeremy Biddle is famous as Yung Blue or Blue Vandross specifically for rap in the music world. Bleu is known for his songs with strong emotions.

Born in Mobile, Alabama Yung Blue is now 28 years old. In the year 2013, Bleu released his first mixtape "Hello World" which gave him an excellent gateway to continue his rap journey. Coming with the series of "Investments", Blue has released a series of mixtapes and these investment instalments have captured a significant fan base so far. His 'mixtapes' are a collection of different songs from different sources or from different artists. 

Signing deals with record labels like Empire, BAD AZZ MUSIC SYNDICATE, Columbia Records, Interscope Records and Epic Records, Blue has collaborated with multiple artists and, he often expresses feelings about his own relationship through his songs.

Yung Blue's album 'Moonboy' music tour, at different destinations in the United States. (Source: Facebook)
Source : facebook

Altogether, there are 6 mixtapes of Yung Blue and as stated by, Yung Blue has presented versatile songs for his fans, filled with intense rap and a sweet melody. Given dark and mysterious music, Bleu's lyrics hit hard as it consists of an intense theme. In 2022, Bleu released songs like Walk Through The Fire, No Good Decisions, Don't Forget Me, Love in the way, Hard to find, Rich Killaz and many more under his latest album 'Tantra'. 

Being famous for Hip-Hop rhythm and Blues, Yung Bleu's song combines pop, gospel, blues and jazz elements. Here are some of the greatest songs of rapper Yung Bleu along with their meanings.

1. Miss It

One of the best compilations of rap and soothing melodies was officially released by Yung Bleu demonstrating the meaning of the pain and the pain in a relationship. This song is about love memories.

Rooted in the recall of past memories with the loved one, Blue has presented an emotional story through his song. A wonderful combination of hip-hop and a romantic tone has made 'Miss It' an evergreen song of its kind. The song 'Miss it' was officially released under the label 'Vandross Music group Empire' in the year 2018. 

An Official video song of rapper's Yung Bleu 'Miss it', true reflection of pain. ( Source : youtu )

Immersed with Sorrow, Mishap and the best past memories, Blue's 'Miss it' has portrayed the relationship faults like commitment and trust. In a poetic way, this song has been the best metaphor as it shows that a guy wants his soulmate to come back so that the two can enjoy the rest of the time together. In other words, the guy is pointing out the faults of his girlfriend, however, he is confessing the mistakes he had made before. 

The desire for reunification, the demand for trust, the guilt for mistakes and the wish to celebrate destiny reflects the mad manifestation of love that has become vulnerable in the current situation. Bleu begs for her time and wants her to understand the feelings he had for her, and wishes that she would not hide anymore. In an amazing way, Blue presented his feelings to her soul mate and the world where he would want to be with her. 'i know you miss it baby' is a song about a romantic bond which has turned toxic now.

2. Ice on My Baby

Ice on My baby is an evergreen song that suits the audience as it focuses on being together with the beloved at any cost. Bleu has expressed his desire to enjoy a romantic moment with a girl.

Being released in the year 2018, 'Ice on My Baby' is a song of Investment 5 mixtapes. The guy does not care about the price and can pay everything for the time and attention of a girl.  By this time, he intends to dive deep into her, offer her bracelets, and rings, along with hundreds of money to have a romantic time together. 'Ice on my baby' is referred to as a street term to praise and acknowledge the coloured skin girl.

'Ice on My Baby', a full video song featuring Yung Bleu and Kevin Gates. ( Source : youtu )

In addition, Blue himself said that the theme centres on a strip club, so far as he wants to dance and have some fun. Bleu wants to put her on a jet and take her wetside away, ultimately, the story centres on the pleasure moment and the wish to be close to each other. It's like the dream of somebody who wants to hang up with a girl by making her feel special.


3. Unappreciated

The song unappreciated hits hard for someone who loves and gives respect but cannot have that respect and care in return. This song is about the expectations that remain unmatched.

'Unappreciated' is about a single tale of love matter, not any kind of toxic relationship. The major issue addressed in the song is the trust which you deserve from your loved one. The guy there is vulnerable and mad due to the sorrow of being blank in a relationship. The writer regrets the falsehood in which he was told to fall in love.

An Exclusive music video of Yung Bleu's 'Unappreciated', by world star hip hop. ( Source : youtu )

This song is related to hatred and feelings of revenge on the girl who does not care about him anymore.  In addition, the writer has portrayed the disrespect and all those feeling when your loyalty becomes unappreciated or ignored by intention. In return, the girl has brought nothing else but a lot of drama, not true love. This song is catchy to people because the pain of one-sided love is always there somewhere in many relationships.

The writer matched well the emotions in reality, as he is unappreciated because the girl is playing the fool with him by ignoring all his care and attention. It is sure that this song exists in the minds of those people, who have ever felt such a situation in their life. It is good that Bleu's hip-hop rap presented the whole drama and tragedy of a failed relationship.

4. You're Mines Still

It is obvious that this song manifests the daunt of Yung Blue who still believes in the love of his former lover. The lyrics are about love for an ex.

 Released on 16 October 2020 by blue featuring Drake, a Canadian rapper, both of them are worried about their former lovers. Old memories related to the sweet vibe of love and the request for a reunion are the subject matter of this song. The writer has picturized the pain and heartbreaks arising due to the fear of losing the loved one.

Yung Blue's 'You're Mines Still', full music video featuring Canadian singer and rapper Drakes. ( Source : youtu )

 Furthermore, Bleu apologises to her in case his silly mistakes had hurt her ever and believes that time has the power to rectify the flaws of their relationship. The guy wants his relationship to be reassembled and he's sure to be in the place of her new fiancée. This way, Bleu introduced the hidden truth of love and the intense pain after being detached from his soulmate.

Bleu is crazy for the girl and even angry about the trouble he encountered after being detached. In a low melodious bass tone, Blue asks his ex-girlfriend to wake from sleep and come back, so that no one can steal the pleasure from her life. Similarly, the girl also has feelings for him because of the memories of that former relationship. Being in a strained phase,  Bleu wants to see his love for the last time and repeats, "You're Mines Still." 

Debut Studio album of Bleu Vandross

The first studio album of Yung Bleu shocked critics as the trapped autotuned music mixed with R&B melodies struck with an uncertain stream. Moonboy was released on July 23 2021.

Being known for concise, emotional and catchy writing, Bleu has uncovered the mystery of music presenting the perfect blend of duet singing and hip-hop rap. In addition, the album is about stories filled relating to pain and the pain which loves brings to life. Addressing the issue of grief, pain and obsession, Blue has perfectly matched the soulful melodies with a soothing tone and a catchy high sound. Examining all the fears, trauma and racism through his creation, Blue has been the star of the music industry. His music hits hard to the audience who have been through a dilemma in their relationship once in life.

Some interesting songs of Yung Bleu under this album are Die Under the Moon, Tired of You, Angels Never Cry, Beautiful Lies, Contract Killers, Way More Close, Shoe Box, Last Summer, You're Mines Still, Water Works, Baddest and Many more. For more songs, visit

Yung Bleu's Profile

The rap artist Yung Bleu come out as a popular rapper only after the year 2017 when his single blasted the music universe. Bleu was a distinct rapper from a very young age.

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama on April 4 1994, his life was surrounded by complete struggle and the threats of racism. Originally, his name is Jeremy Biddle. But, he changed his name to Bleu with the reason that Blue was his favourite colour when he was 11. Bleu's family was supportive of his interest in rap music. According to ngnews, for the first time, Blue recorded his songs on a Nokia cell phone just with a background beat.

Bleu Vandross giving a hip-hop rap performance, clicked at the stage. (Source: Facebook)
Source : facebook

At some point in life, everyone passes through a stage of hardship and struggle. Blue worked in a local pipe mill before being popular in rap music. He used to invest the money he earned back into music. By that time, he has grown up listening to the raps of Luther Vandross, Boosie Badazz, Tupac, and Lauryn Hill. 

In addition, Bleu came up with a series of mixtapes and he gave the name 'Investments', offering a broader scope in the rap genre. Later, Bleu had a deal with Boossie's Badazz Music Syndicate. Having released the romantic songs "Miss it" in 2017 and "You're mines still" in 2020, Bleu earned a lot of success in the commercial world. With an estimated net worth of $1 Million, Blue has built massive fan followers on social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram.