Who Is Xichen Yang?

Xichen Yang is a 21-year-old Florida resident who is arrested for the murder of his wife.

He lived in the area around the 900 block of Ballard Street, along with his wife, Pham.

As of now, the authorities are yet to reveal any further information about the personal life of the man.

Since the police are trying to maintain privacy in this regard, any kind of professional background about Xichen remains a mystery at this moment.

But, further details are expected soon as the case unfolds and receives a verdict in the court.

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Why Did Xichen Yang Kill His Wife? Nhu Quynh Pham Husband Arrested

Xichen Yang killed his wife, Nhu Quynh Pham, in a fit of rage that he got after his spouse burned his passport.

The official report mentions that the man slit his spouse's throat in the room and dragged her to the bathtub.

There, he held the woman's hands and played her favorite music as he watched her passing away.

After the murder, he also tried to clean the blood stains on the floor.

While talking with the police, Yang replied that he could feel himself getting angrier by the time and he could have "stopped short of killing her".

When the officer asked the man why didn't he stop, Xichen said that 'it was not how he was raised' and he is the person who goes all the way once started.

On further investigation, police interviewed Yang's employer who said that he had called the young man earlier Tuesday.

On the call, Yang said that he was upset with his wife after she burned his passport.

After the employer slammed him for being irresponsible, Yang revealed about killing his wife on the phone call.

Xichen Yang Mugshot Photo

You can find Xichen Yang's mugshot photo attached below.

Mugshot picture of Yang
Mugshot picture of Yang ( Source : Orangefl )

He was confined by the Altamonte Springs police and is kept under the tight custody of the government force.

All the procedures relating to the arrest and custody of the alleged culprit are completed.

He will be presented in court in a few days and will undergo a trial for the charges relating to murder.

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