Bianca Bailey A.K.A Wiri Donna is a Wellington-based creative who mostly makes indie riff-rock music. 

Wiri Donna was a music lover from her school years and high school years. Music has a huge part in her childhood.

Started her career as a drummer in her early stages, she loves to switch gears and started writing songs from different perspectives so that the guitar provides a natural vibe.

Bailey, who is from Tamaki Makaurau, moved to the nation's capital in 2018. She spends a lot of time working on festivals like CubaDupa and Classical on Cuba as part of her day job as the music and festival producer at Creative Capital Arts Trust.

Wiri Donna started her career with indie folk intentions but after supporting other bands she branched out into songs with more stomp and guts. Like the Lioness ready to roar, her music has a more emphatic rock feel.


Bianca Bailey supported heavy hitters in their musical tour and later with her emphatic rock feel, she just released her new album "Being Alone". Her new album depicts about a girl fighting for her place in the world fighting every step of life.

Wiri Donna Musical Journey

Wiri Donna has given hits in the music industry with her emphatic rock feel. 

Wiri Donna - No Follow Through ( Source : youtube )

Being Alone is her latest album which was released in June it explains the girl threatened by a series of events and is in processing to recover those lost powers and heal. 

In the year 2020, she released an album "No follow through" which was like an anthem and her favorite track. Keeping pace with her expectations boosts her to write this song.

 Though she thinks it was a failure at first, it feels awesome to hear that song EP feeling like having everything under her belt.

Wiri Donna - Being Alone ( Source : youtube )

 Though she needs to constantly make time for everyone, she ended up alone in her bedroom when writes the song "Last Call". With band support, the song was produced with a huge lift on the music track. 

Some of her favorite picks are ‘CEO’ - by Elliott Dawson, ‘Day Job’ - by Soft Plastics‘Stop Pulling On My (Hair)’ - by Revulva, ‘Lay With Me in Barns’ - by Violet Hirst, ‘How Do You Know?’ - Daffodils, ‘Girl At Night’ - There's A Tuesday, ‘Tongue’ - Recitals.

Her musical realeses

Wiri Donna has many musical albums hits in her musical career.

Her musical albums can be found on various social media platforms like youtube, Spotify, and facebook as the songs written by her show her life story incidents and how she overcome those incidents.

Her musical album releases include:

→ Dream of me 

→ No Follow Through

→Manuka Money

→Being Alone

→Last Call

→Wandering Willies 

Main Highlights on EP

Wiri Donna posing with flowers
Wiri Donna posing with flowers ( Source : hypemedium )

People involved with her in her projects have been important to her.

Those songs written by her are so close to her heart and also helped her best friends work on them making them pretty much special.

There's been a huge level of trust and belonging with them as they are always behind her back boosting her and making her feel motivated.

Official Concert on "Being Alone" in Wellington

Wiri Donna has been popping the stages for a couple of years now.

The official concert launch of her album "Being Alone" and the start of Wiri Donna’s nationwide EP release tour, including Harrison Scholes (Arjuna Oakes, F.A.I.R.Y), James MacEwan (Arjuna Oakes), & Elliott Dawson (DOONS, Elliott Dawson).

Wiri Donna concert launch in Wellington
Wiri Donna concert launch in Wellington( Source : instagram )

Her singles "No Follow Through and "Dream of me" dominated the student radio charts so people enjoyed both hit singles live. The environment was crazy around the concert.