Why Was Chalino Sanchez Killed By The Cartel? Death Note And Video

Mexican singer Chalino Sanchez was murderd on 16 May, 1992 at the age of 31
Mexican singer Chalino Sanchez was murderd on 16 May, 1992 at the age of 31( Source : co )

The eminent Mexican singer Rosalino Sánchez Félix better known professionally as Chalino Sanchez was murdered on the 16th of May 1992 after being pulled over by a group of armed men disguised as police officers.

He was an iconic singer and songwriter popular for reportedly singing narcocorridos, a style of music celebrating Mexico's drug and gang culture. Sanchez was an artist who didn't gain the spotlight for his work until his murder.

Sanchez was brought up in an isolated village in the Sinaloa state in Mexico with several siblings and his parents Chalino Sanchez. He was forced to become the man of the house after his father passed away when he was six.

The Mexican singer was reportedly the youngest of 7 children of his parents. Continue reading the article underneath to explore facts about the murder of Chalino Sanchez.

Reddit: Why Was Mexican Singer Chalino Sanchez Killed In 1992 By Drug Cartels 

Chalino Sanchez's assassination on May 16, 1992, by a group of armed men in black who disguised themselves as police officers, has become a topic of interest on Reddit presently. 

The reason behind his murder is reported to be allegedly his connection to drug cartels. Following his death, various notable narcocorridos singers including Sergio Gomez and Valentine Elizalde were murdered.

( Source : scoopearth )

The armed men who disguised themselves as police officers told Sanchez their commandant wanted to see him to which he agreed. He was found by 2 farmers by an irrigation canal near Highway 15; near the neighborhood of Los Laureles, Culiacán.

Upon the discovery of Chalino's body, his wrists had rope marks, and he was blindfolded. The Mexican singer was reportedly shot to death in the back of the head twice.

Following the murder of his sister Juana's rapist, he moved to Tijuana, and the same year, the singer crossed into the US as an undocumented migrant worker. He moved to LA to live with his aunt in Inglewood, California after living in Oregon.

To strive for a living, the singer washed dishes, dealt small quantities of marijuana and cocaine according to his friends, and did other random work. He also helped run an immigrant-smuggling operation with his elder brother, Armando.

During his performance at the plaza Los Arcos restaurant and nightclub in the desert city of Coachella on January 25, 1992, a local man jumped up on stage and began firing at Sanchez. He was reportedly fired with a small .25 caliber pistol.

In defense, the singer pulled a 10 mm pistol from his waistband.  Out of four hundred people's attendance at the music festival, nine to fifteen people were reportedly hit in the exchange.

The narcocorrido singer was shot twice in the chest and was in critical condition. Sanchez underwent surgery at Desert Hospital, Palm Springs whereas a bystander wrestled and killed the shooter with his own pistol.

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Reddit: Chalino Sanchez Note And Death Video 

Discussion about Chalino Sanchez's note and death video has become a topic of interest on Reddit. Around 4 months after the pivotal Coachella shooting, he played a gig in Culiacán, at the Salon Bugambilias.

During his exclusive gig, Sanchez was handed a note by someone in the crowd which is believed to have been a death threat.  A video of the song "Alma Enamorada" shows him crumbling up the note before singing the song. 

( Source : legit )

The video is approachable and has accumulated significant views to date. In the concrete, it has piqued the interest of cyber citizens all over the internet leading to various Reddit discussions.

Chalino left the club with his two brothers, his cousin, and several young women following a hugely successful performance on May 16, 1992. It was when a group of armed men pulled the group over in Chevrolet Suburbans.

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What Did Chalino Sanchez Do To His Sister Juana?

Then 17-year-old Chalino Sanchez shot his sister Juana's rapist, 'Chapo' Perez, a rich and dangerous man, in revenge after encountering him at a party in 1977. Juana was raped in 1975 when the singer was just 15 years old.

Sanchez extremely loved his sister and so did Juana. He was a curious and mischievous child who always yearned to be a singer, Juana revealed the character of the Mexican singer.

After killing his sister's rapist, Sanchez reportedly left for Tijuana with his gun. He served as a 'coyote' (an immigrant smuggler) bringing immigrants into the United States during his time in Tijuana.

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