Who Is Theneedledrop On Twitch? All We Know About The American Music Critic

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Anthony Fantano is a famous YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel The Needle Drop and its tie-in website.

Fantano is known as an American music critic who discusses and analyzes a variety of music genres through his website and youtube videos.

The Youtuber was also famous for his association with 4chan. A lot of users make annoying memes out of his face.

Who Is Theneedledrop On Twitch?

Anthony Fantano, the Internet's busiest music nerd, is The needle drop On Twitch.

On top of that, he judges and analyzes music from various genres, including hip hop, rock, pop, metal, indie, folk, jazz, electronic, and experimental, on his Youtube Channel.

He is moving towards popularity and gaining great responses from viewers. His YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, has reached nearly two million subscribers, and his videos routinely get views in the six digits (his reviews of more significant releases).

Fantano was born in the southernmost state in the New England region of the United States on October 28, 1985.

He was born and brought up in Wolcott, Connecticut. From his early teenage life, he seems to have been interested in politics through the work of the musician Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys.

What is the Real Name of Theneedledrop On Twitch?

Anthony Fantano is the actual name of Theneedledrop On Twitch. Theneedledrop was first launched on January 21, 2009. 

He is currently 36 years old and began his career as a music director for the Southern Connecticut State University college radio station. 

Following that, In 2007, Fantano started working at Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR), where he hosted The Needle Drop.

Few web personalities have achieved such a far-reaching and powerful influence over their viewer.

Although reaching that point, other music fans make fun of his most devout supporters, who notoriously defer to "The needle drop" for most of their musical opinions.

Being an internet music enthusiast and notorious critic, he has done an incredible job toward the popularization of such experimental hip hop. His YouTube channel has become the first to ever receive the honor in the then-three-year-old channel's history.

How much Is The Net Worth of Anthony Fantano?

The name of Anthony Fantano in Youtube history has relatively risen to the level of the Internet. He has over 2.54 million subscribers on this Youtube channel. He is famous for reviewing hip hop, rock, and electronic music.

His most popular reviews include his 2016 post about Run the Jewels 3.

Anthony is a rising star on Youtube, and His platform is a very well-timed place for potential advertisers.

It is found that His channel generates an average of 500,000 views a day. Evaluating this implies that this translates to an annual income of $ 700,000.

He also makes income from his affiliation with YouTube. He receives around $ 2 to $7 for every thousand monetized views. Considering this point of writing, Anthony Fantano's net worth is estimated at $1 million.

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