ABC 20/20: Who Is Michael Falater? Scott Falater Son Speaks About His Sleepwalking Killer Father

Michael Falater went to see his father in the prison
Michael Falater went to see his father in the prison( Source : go )

Michael Falater's mother was murdered when he was a young boy. It could be very painful for a young child to lose a mother. Michael is sharing his story with us on ABC's 20/20.

Sleepwalking is the act of moving around or performing difficult tasks while not fully awake. Typically, it takes place while you are sleeping deeply. Sleepwalking typically occurs in the first few hours after going to sleep since this activity peaks in the early hours of the night.

It is weird when we come across a terrible crime done during sleepwalking. At the same time, does a person who committed a crime during sleepwalk a culprit or a victim himself. Michael's father Scott has faced something terrible like this.

Who Is Michael Falater? Scott Falater Son Today

Michael Falatar, who was 12 years old when his father killed his mother in 1997 by drowning and stabbing her, is speaking up. His father later claimed he was sleepwalking. Scott Falater, the father of Falater, has never denied being a part of the terrible mayhem that took place on January 16, 1997, in the family's Phoenix, Arizona, home.

On that fatal evening, a neighbor saw as the father of two pulled his wife Yarmila into their swimming pool, where he drowned her after stabbing her 44 times. When their parents, Scott and Yarmila, lived in Florida in the 1980s, Michael Falater and his older sister Megan were both born there.

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The family even briefly resided in Minnesota before going to Phoenix, Arizona, where they established an apparently secure and long-term residence. In terms of his private life, Michael is married and is the father of four girls. He works as an Associate at the litigation firm Hutchison & Steffen and resides in Nevada.

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Meet Michael Falater Mother Yarmila Falater - Her Death

After claiming he couldn't recall the fatal attack, Scott Falater, father of Michael Falater then made the peculiar assertion that he had been sleepwalking. Falater admitted to having a history of sleepwalking and refuted claims that he and his wife, Yarmila Falater of 20 years were experiencing any issues.

His month-long trial, during which the prosecution said that the pair didn't have a happy marriage and had been fighting over having more children and about her apparent lack of fidelity to his Mormon faith, as well as the murder attracted headlines.

In 1999, Falater, a 43-year-old Motorola engineer and product manager, was found guilty of the pre-school teacher's murder and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

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Information On Michael Falater On ABC 20/20 July 2nd

In an interview that will run this week on ABC's 20/20 with Amy Robach, Michael Falater says, "Not everyone can claim their father stabbed their mom and held her in a pool of water, but that is where I am.

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Since my mother passed away more than 20 years ago, I always reflect on what she might be doing with my children right now and what life would have been like. Scott Falater, Falater's father, never refuted any responsibility for the gruesome devastation that took place on January 16, 1997, in the family's Phoenix, Arizona, home.

A neighbor was present on that tragic evening as the father of two carried his stabbed wife Yarmila into their swimming pool and drowned her.

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