Madison Ashton aka Christine McQueen: Philip Polkinghorne Mistress - Fiance

Madison Ashton was also a mistress of the late billionaire Richard Pratt. She has been quite active in her field for a long time.

In 2012, Madison Ashton, who goes by the alias Christine McQueen, launched "McQueen's Showroom" from a two-story building on Crown Street. The planners for the City of Sydney Council approved her proposal. She was one of those promoting CMQ Escorts as "the most prestigious escort agency in Australia" on the internet.

Additionally, she participated in a legal proceeding in which she sought a $10 million share of Mr. Pratt's estate. She said that the cardboard billionaire had pledged to give her $500,000 a year tax-free, establish $5 million in trust funds for her two children, and pay for other costs like travel and transportation before his death in 2009.

Philip Polkinghorne, an eye surgeon from Remuera, has been identified as the murderer of his wife. His former mistress, who is now his fiance, has been linked to the murder on multiple occasions. The Australian escort and Philip Polkinghorne are rumored to be in a long-distance romance. Ashton, his mistress for several years, is now known as the eye surgeon's fiance.

Escort Madison Ashton and Auckland eye doctor Philip Polkinghorne.
Escort Madison Ashton and Auckland eye doctor Philip Polkinghorne.( Source : co )

Madison Ashton Age Wiki And Instagram

Ashton, the Australian escort, is 48 years old. She was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on November 21, 1974.

Ashton is the mother of two children, Xavier and Indra. During her difficult days, she has to work very hard to raise her kids. She was just 20 years old when she gave birth to her children.

The infamous escort is an Australian woman who gained notoriety for dating optician Philip Polkinghorne. In the past ten years, she has been very busy as she opened a new, upscale brothel in Darlinghurst.

However, Madison Ashton was kicked out of a Sydney apartment building when locals accused her of operating a brothel there. Any more than two sex workers is considered a brothel, which is not permitted in residential apartment buildings in the City of Sydney. Only two escorts are permitted to work on residential premises.

Is Madison Ashton Involved In Pauline Hanna's Death?

Although Christine McQueen, a well-to-do Australian escort, was also thought to be responsible for Hanna's passing, she was not.

Despite being in a relationship with the eye surgeon for the past two years, Ashton made it obvious to the public that she was not engaged in the murder. She was extremely helpful in the police investigation into Hanna's death throughout the police questioning.

According to the police investigation, Polkinghorne was still the prime suspect in the murder. Ashton also became a part of Polkinghorne in relation to it. Aston also discussed Polkinghorne's improper relationship with his wife. In an email published on social media by Aston in October 2018, Polkinghorne said that if he and Hanna ended their 30-year marriage, Polkinghorne would become a multi-millionaire with financial assets totaling $6 to $7 million.

Pauline Hanna and Philip Polkinghorne in 2018
Pauline Hanna and Philip Polkinghorne in 2018( Source : co )

For all of these reasons, eye surgeon Polkinghorne, Pauline Hanna's spouse, was considered the prime suspect.

Philip Polkinghorne has been accused of murdering Auckland resident Pauline Hanna after she was discovered dead in their Remuera home 16 months ago. It's believed that Hanna was killed on April 5, 2021, by the 69-year-old eye specialist.