Awake the Rapper, also known as Bobby Crimo, 22, is suspected of killing six people during a July 4th parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois.

Six people were murdered and numerous others were injured when a shooter opened fire from a rooftop during the July 4th parade in the north suburban Highland Park on Monday. The alleged shooter has been apprehended.

Near Buckley Road and U.S. Route 41, Jogmen reported that Crimo sped away when North Chicago police attempted to pull over Crimo's vehicle for a traffic stop. When the North Chicago police called for extra assistance, Crimo's car was stopped about six miles distant, close to Westleigh Road and U.S. 41.

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Who Is Lynette Pesina? Robert Crimo Sister 

Lynette Pesina, the suspect's sister, is one of is said to have two siblings. Her family members are also mentioned along with her.

Likewise, she is 27 years old in the present scenario. She and her family are currently distraught, to be specific.

With time and opportunity, she may reveal who she is, and share her social media sites so that everyone can know her detailly and personally.


Highland Shooter Robert Crimo's Family

Since the shooting, it has come to light that Bob Sr., his 58-year-old father, operates a neighbourhood deli and has previously run for mayor. Near the shooting scene in Highwood, the family dwells in a $425,000 home.

Robert Crimo, the suspect's grandfather, was born in Highland Park in 1929 and has a lengthy connection to the community. The late Robert Crimo died. The obituary story highlighted his blood relatives.

The family resides in Highwood, a community located along Pleasant Avenue and north of Highland Park. The Oak Terrace Elementary School is across the street from their home.

In April 2019, Crimo's father ran for mayor of Highland Park. There is no proof that a political party helped him with his campaign. "A Person for the People" served as his campaign slogan.

Republican Bob Crimo was defeated by the town's liberal mayor Nancy Rotering, who ran part of her campaign on a platform in favor of gun control.

Bob Crimo asserted ownership of two local eateries in a pre-election profile: White Hen in Ravinia and Bob's Pantry & Deli in Braeside, Illinois.

According to rumours, Denise Pesina, Robert Crimo's mother, practices alternative medicine. There are no details regarding Robert Crimo visible on Denise Pesina's Facebook page.

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Where Is Lynette Pesina Now?

Penisa seems to be out of the spotlight at the present date as a part of they are going through a devastating phase of life.

In the current scenario, she seems to be a privacy-lover person who has nothing to share instead of just being known as the suspect's sister.

In addition to that, It is not exactly known where is she now and her current whereabouts.