MAFS: Meet Gareth Brisbane: Melanie 'Mel' Schilling's Husband

As fans are curious about their favorite MAFS star, Mel Schilling's husband, let's meet Gareth Brisbane here.

MAFS star is widely recognized as one of the top therapists and has helped several couples to make their relationships much more robust. Seeing Mel helping out different teams, fans are curious to know about her love life and more about her husband.

Mel Schilling and her husband Gareth Brisbane with their daughter.
Mel Schilling and her husband Gareth Brisbane with their daughter.( Source : co )

Despite being a dating expert, Mel chose to stay single for ten years before finding her Mr. Perfect. After ten years, Mel got into online dating, where she met her husband, Gareth Brisbane. According to honeynine, Mel lived a single life all around her thirties, but one day she came across Gareth's profile on a dating site called eHarmony.

According to Mel, she met her husband, Gareth, for the first time after six long weeks of texting and one phone call throughout the weeks. There she saw him and discovered that he was much softer than she thought he would have been.

The age gap between Mel and her husband Gareth & their net worth

The age gap between Mel and Gareth isn't much, but the difference between their net worth indeed is. 

Mel has been in the television field for the past few years and has been sitting on the top tier from the beginning of her career. The dating expert in the show is considered one of the best therapists in Australia and is loved by the Australian audience.

Mel and Gareth married in a small, sophisticated wedding ceremony with a few close friends. They tied their knots on July 12, 2018. They had two wedding ceremonies, where they committed to one another in Bali on 2018, and later in 2020, they had a separate marriage ceremony in Melbourne in the presence of their near ones.

Mel Schilling with the panel of Married At First Sight
Mel Schilling with the panel of Married At First Sight( Source : com )

Gareth is involved in business operations in America, so he remains out of Australia during some business days, but they keep their lives connected throughout. Mel turned 50 years old this year, and Gareth is also around 50-55, which indicates that they don't have much age difference.

 Getting to their net worth, both Mel and Gareth are acing in their particular fields. We surely know being a media star, Mel Schillings earns more than her husband, Gareth Brisbane. Gareth has not disclosed his net worth, but we know he is involved in some business.

According to reports, Mel has been on the show, Married At First Sight since 2016 and has accumulated a hefty net worth from it. Mel has 117k followers on Instagram and a net worth of over $2 million per estimate. 

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