Who Is Dr Isyaka Mamman? Doctor Arrested For Manslaughter After Killing Shahida Parveen

The photo of Dr. Isyaka Mamman acptured after the incident.
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A doctor has been cruelly involved in the death of the mother-of-three. The doctor's negligence shakes the community, which results in a mother's end. Learn more about Dr. Isyaka Mamman and his victim Shahida Parveen. 

Dr. Isyaka had worked as a Haematologist expert in The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. He is an experienced individual who has worked for the hospital for a long time. However, he is not dependable; he was suspended from the hospital due to lying about his age. 

Isyaka is from Nigeria; he completed his medical training at 21 and was qualified to work as a doctor. He was at the age of 81 during the fatal medical incident. The physician was constantly made aware of the patient's medical condition, but his procedures were not suitable, resulting in his patient's death. 

Who Is Dr Isyaka Mamman? Shahida Parveen Death By Botched Surgery

Dr. Isyaka Mamman is a physician who worked in the department of Haematology at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. He is originally from Nigeria, where he received medical education training. 


The doctor negligently conducted a surgical procedure on the mother of three, which resulted in her death. Mamman has been jailed for gross negligence and manslaughter over the end of Shaihida Praveen. The incident took place in Royal Oldham Hospital in 2018.

Dr. Mamman used wrong needled and pierced the sac holding Mrs. Parveen's heart which caused the patient's death. The doctor was sentenced to three years by Manchester Crown court for her death. The court also criticized doctor Mamman for his lack of truth about his age. 

Moreover, he was also responsible for creating a similar incident before the death of Mrs. Praveen, where two of his patients were permanently disabled three years earlier. 

Shahida Parveen Husband

Shahida Praveen's husband was the one who noticed the misconduct that the doctor had administered during the surgery. He immediately shouted that the doctor had killed his wife, and a formal complaint was brought to the hospital about the doctor's action. 

The complaint was lodged by another patient of Mamman in 2015 when he used excessive force on the patient's bone marrow biopsy, thus his carelessness issues in the patient's body. Praveen's husband also stated that he tried to stop the doctor three times, but the doctor did not listen, eventually leading to her death.

Likewise, Mamman was constantly lying about his age and was not ready to retire despite his 80 years of age. Similarly, the doctor was suspended for 12 months after the misconduct by General Medical Council. He was fired by Pennine Trust and later rehired when he declared his date of birth to be 1943.

Dr. Isyaka Mamman Sentence 

Dr. Mamman was sentenced to three years in prison by Mrs. Justice Yip at Machester Crown Court after the death of Mrs. Parveen. Also, the doctor was condemned for him lying about his age. 

Furthermore, his repeated mistakes and negligence that harmed the patient's body declared him a danger to the people who were diagnosing and performing surgery. Also, the hospital's failure can be observed as they failed to supervise his actions. 

Thus, the hospital was also faulted for rehiring the doctor once he was sacked from his position. It was also essential for him to retire or pass any certifiable evaluation which would declare him fit to perform duties and make decisions based on the diagnosis.