Brooke Bowdler is the wife of basketball player Cal Bowdler. She was famous for her appearance in Dr.Phil's episode in the 2000s. Let's find out about her age, Instagram, and wiki. 

Besides, she seems to be getting back into the entertainment business by releasing songs, writing music, and authoring books. The wife of an Irish basketball player is loved and lauded by her husband. 

Therefore, the couple seems to have a happy family despite the controversy and issues in their marriage. 

Who Is Brooke Bowdler?

Brooke Bowdler, aka Brooklin Bowlder, is the wife of Cal Bowdler. Cal is a former professional basketball player from Casti Group Varese, an Italian basketball club.  


According to Empire, Bowdler was an aspiring model, but she was blessed with three kids in her twenties, which limited her modeling scope.

The mother of three earned her trust from Cal when she could use his Neiman Marcus black card with which she paid her friend's rent and her friend's nursing school. 

However, her depression pushed her to abuse drugs. According to her mother, she was a drug addict who visited her home in L.A. 

The former model appeared on Dr. Phil's show, where she faced the claims of her mother, sister, and family. The episode helped her reflect on her vices which enabled her to settle her demons. 

She was pretty young when she appeared on Dr. Phil's show in 2003. Let's find out how old she is.

Cal Bowdler Wife Age 

Brooke is 40-43 years old. She is a beloved daughter, mother, and wife. Her little daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and her eyesight was deteriorating, but she could positively deal with the stress. 


Bowdler's family was suffering from devastating news as her daughter was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor five years before her cancer diagnosis. 

The family has been updating the news of her daughter. The care of her parents and siblings has helped her add a bright smile to her face despite the issues in her health. 

Brooke had three children while she was in her twenties. She dreamed of modeling but managing her three kids limited her career scope.

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Where Is Brooke Bowlder Now?

The wife of a former basketball player has turned her life around. She is living with her kids and husband in Atlanta.

In addition, she is a TikTok star and Instagram influencer. The star has around 34.6k followers on her Tiktok. 

Also, she has around 22.3k followers on her Instagram. She is a talented individual in terms of dancing, singing, and songwriting. 

According to her Instagram bio, she is an author, psychologist, and fan of the NBA. She has marketed herself as a fantastic personality and is often sponsored by various brands on her account. 

Moreover, the Tiktok star often goes out with her family and friends. Her vacation photos and holiday excursions can be seen on her social media. 

Additionally, she was loved and spoiled after meeting former NBA player Cal. Despite the controversy in Dr. Phil, Bowdler has been able to settle her vices and become a devoted mother to her children. 

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