Who Are Aiden Mccarthy Parents Kevin And Irina McCarthy? Highland Park Mass Shooting Victims

The Highland Park parade turned out to be a bloody shooting
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Aiden McCarthy's parents, Kevin and Irina, died in the mass shooting at Highland Park, but the father made sure to protect the kid by making himself a shield against the bullets.

Seven people died in the mass shooting that took place in the Highland Park parade on July 4.

The parade conducted on behalf of the Independence day celebration soon turned out to be a bloody war when bullets started raining out of nowhere. This incident left the two-and-a-half-year-old boy, Aiden Mccarthy, orphaned as his parents died in the horrendous shooting.

The innocent boy was unaware of what had happened and was still saying that his mom and dad were coming soon when his grandparents came to collect him from the Police station. After learning about this unfortunate event, many individuals are now willing to assist the grandparents in raising the child in a loving environment.

Who Are Aiden McCarthy's Parents Kevin And Irina McCarthy?

Aiden McCarthy's parents, Kevin and Irina McCarthy, were two professionals working in the Pharmaceutical industry who were killed in the Highland Park shooting.


Kevin was an entrepreneur who worked for a gene therapy startup, whereas Irina worked as a digital marketer in the pharmaceutical industry. They met while working in the medical industry and eventually got together before tying the knot.

They were living in a happily married relationship and were in the parade with their only son, Aiden, to enjoy the Independence day celebration. What they thought was a fun event soon turned into a violent scene as the gunfire started.

As the bullets started flying, Kevin used his body to shield his son and protect the young kid but lost his life. Irina also became the victim of the same shooting as two of them passed away, leaving the boy as an orphan.

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Highland Park Mass Shooting Victims

Seven people fell victim to the Highland Park mass shooting and lost their lives.

Out of them, two are Kevin and Irina McCarthy. The third victim was a 63-year-old synagogue preschool teacher, Jacqueline Sundheim. Similarly, the fourth person who lost her life was 64-year-old Highland Park resident Katherine Goldstein.

Likewise, 88-year-old Stephen Straus and 78-year-old Nicolas Toledo Zaragoza were the fifth and sixth victims of the shooting. The remaining seventh person who died in the incident is not yet recognized by the officials, as per Chicago Suntimes.

Aiden McCarthy Age: How Old Is The Kid?

Aiden McCarthy, who lost his parents in the Highland Park shooting, is two and half years old.


He was born in 2020, but the exact date is not revealed on the internet. Aiden was in the event with his parents, who later fell victim to the mass murder, leaving behind the young kid as the only remaining member of the family.

His grandparents, who recognized the kid from the viral photo, have come forward to take care of him as his guardian. Additionally, a GoFundMe campaign was made to raise $500,000 for Aiden's proper upbringing. This fundraising has already raised more than $1.632 million as of now.

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