Although Steve Wright in the Afternoon has tens of thousands of devoted followers in the United Kingdom, the radio host has announced this week that, after 24 years on the air, he will be leaving his daytime broadcasting position.

Netizens can continue to tune in to hear him host Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs on the same station.

1999 marked the beginning of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, a revival of a show he had previously broadcast on Radio 1 from 1981 to 1993.

Where Is Steve Wright Going After Leaving Radio 2? 

The news that longtime DJ Steve Wright is stepping down from his afternoon program on BBC Radio 2 after 24 years has caused listeners to vent their dissatisfaction.

On Friday (the 1st of July), Wright announced the change, which will result in Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills assuming his previous responsibilities.


During the premiere of his show Steve Wright in the Afternoon in 1999, he informed his audience that he would continue to work on other projects at the BBC, one of which would be a podcast series.

Fans were disappointed by the decision, and Wright's coworkers in radio, notably Jeremy Vine and Jo Whiley, led tributes to the on-air star after his departure.

What Happened To Him? 

After almost 24 years on the air, Steve Wright has been informed by the head of BBC Radio 2 that she wants to do something different with the mid-afternoon time slot. This news will cause Wright to depart his weekday show on BBC Radio 2.

The BBC has stated that the show will finish airing in the fall and that Scott Mills from Radio 1 will take over after that.

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On Friday, Wright revealed his impending departure during a live broadcast and stated that he would continue working at the BBC on other projects, one of which was a podcast series.

He relayed the following information to those listening; at the beginning of this year, his friend and boss Helen Thomas, head of Radio 2, said she wanted to do something different in the afternoons. Now, considering that he's been hosting this program on Radio 2 for the past 24 years, it's hard to see how he could complain about anything.

Who Is Steve Wright?

It is commonly acknowledged that Stephen Richard Wright, an English radio personality and DJ, is the one who is responsible for inventing the zoo format on British radio, which is characterized by its zany, multi-personality style.

He presently hosts the weekday mid-afternoon show Steve Wright in the Afternoon and the mid-morning weekend show Sunday Love Songs on BBC Radio 2, which is one of the BBC's national radio stations and the most popular in the United Kingdom.


Steve Wright aired from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the Afternoon. Home Truths, The Steve Wright People Show, Auntie's TV Favourites, Top of the Pops, and TOTP2 are just a few of Wright's programs hosted on BBC Television.

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The radio personality has been honored with several accolades, including being named the Best DJ of the Year by the Daily Mirror Readers Poll and Smash Hit in 1994. In 1998, he was named TRIC Personality of the Year for his contributions to the radio business.