Where Is Michael Johnson Now?

Johnson now resides in Marin County, California, with his second wife, chef Armine Shamiryan, and their son Sebastian, who was born in 2000 during his first marriage to entertainment reporter Kerry D'Oyen.

While the 54-year-old hasn't revealed much about his home, he did take to Instagram during his house arrest to share a photo of himself in his bright garden, letting fans in on a little secret.

The father of one spends less time on social media and much more time focusing on his family and career because he is a man who is "all about excellence in human performance."

Get To Know About Michael Johnson's Illness 

The legendary athlete, a four-time Olympic sprint champion who was only 50 years old, suffered a stroke.

Johnson's arms and feet felt strange and numb. After contemplating his options for a half-hour, Johnson decided to visit the hospital.

Johnson's wife Armine drove him to the UCLA Medical Center's emergency room in Santa Monica, which was 20 minutes away from their Malibu home. It was a wise decision. CT scan and MRI were used to confirm the ER doctor's stroke diagnosis.

Johnson, a once-superhuman known as Superman, was now weaker. His stroke, known medically as a thalamic or lacunar stroke, had happened deep inside the right side of his brain, in the thalamus.

After the stroke rendered him temporarily "unable to walk," Johnson took aspirin, a statin, a blood thinner, and medication to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Has American Olympic Athlete Stroke Cured? Johnson's Health Update 2022

Johnson experienced a stroke that affected his left side in September 2018. By November, he claimed to be almost "back to normal," and he credited the "Olympic mindset" for his quick recovery. He claims that he has fully recovered in time for his 54th birthday in 2021.

Johnson has become a well-known commentator since retiring from racing. Michael's principal employment is at his Michael Johnson Performance facility in McKinney, Texas, despite the time-consuming responsibility of commentating on some of the greatest athletic events in the world.