Learn about Where Is Fergie From Black Eyed Peas Now 2022?

Fergie was back at the 2022 VMAs. She came back during Jack Harlow's "First Class" performance. She has shared a post on her Instagram page about how happy she is for the night to perform.

You can follow her in her Instagram page with the username @fergie. She has 4.6M followers as of September 2022. She posts her professional as well as personal photos and videos there. 

She stated that there is more to come, so we may expect her to produce more songs and be visible to the audience. Fergie looked stunning in her glittered dress, and we wish her good luck with her sparkling career.

Fergie performing in VMAs
Fergie performing in VMAs ( Source : instagram )

She left the band "Black Eyed Peas" in 2018, the announcement was done by herself. J. Rey Soul replaced her. The band had sold an estimated 80 million records, which makes them one of the best-selling groups of all time.

Why Did Fergie Leave The Band?

Fergie has the birth name Stacy Ann Ferguson an American singer and rapper. She is best known for being associated with the band "Black Eyed Peas."

Her debut solo was "The Dutchess." Her singles like London Bridge, Glamorous, and Big Girls Don't Cry are commercial successes, and reached Billboard Hot 100 numbers.

She left the band in 2018, however, the exact reason was never been shared. However, fans were speculating about the reason as she might want to continue her solo career. 

Whatever decision she makes, we believe her talent for singing will take her high. She was a blessing to the band, and even if she continues solo as long as she gives her best, she will fit in the industry.

Is Fergie Still Friends With Black Eyed Peas?

Fergie and another member of the band, "Black Eyed Peas" seem to have a good relationship. A couple of years back, when will. i.am and apl.de.ap were interviewed by Billboard, they shared that they are on good terms with Fergie.

Fergie and the band itself are professionally formed, so it is believed to have a good understanding among themselves. It is not a new thing for a band member to get out of the band and a new member to join the team.

Fergie with her son Axl
Fergie with her son Axl ( Source : instagram )

Her band member also stated that she wanted to spend more time with her son when she left the band. She often posts her son's photo on her social media platform, which shows she is very close to her son and spent time with him. 

However, fans were delighted to see her performance during MTV Video Music Awards show. The singer was the talk of the night when she gave her stunning performance.