What Happened to Axl Rose Health? Illness That Caused Guns N Roses Glasgow Cancelled

Axl Rose during a stage performance
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What happened to Axl Rose's health? Fans are curious about the vocalist's situation after the Glasgow show gets canceled.

Axl Rose is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer best recognized as Guns N' Roses's lead vocalist and lyricist.

He has been with the heavy metal band since its inception in 1985 and has been the only constant music group member since the beginning. The vocalist has been singing at the highest level for over three decades and continues to do so today.

Axl regularly travels with the band to various concerts all around the globe and performs for multiple days. Many fans of his incredible voice visit the show to see his mesmerizing performance and the atmosphere.

However, few of them were pleased with what they saw at Tottenham in their recent show. Rose struggled with his voice and preferred to sing at a low tone to keep the show running, and the audience, expecting a rocking environment, didn't like the low-pitched performance.

While the band's long-time followers support the lead singer, everyone is now concerned about Rose's vocal health.

What Happened To Axl Rose Health?

Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, suffered a vocal cord injury, which impacted his health and performance.


Replying to a fan's comment on Facebook, Richard Fortus stated that Rose had damaged his cords and was struggling with his health. It might take him some time to recover to full fitness and get his original voice back.

On tour to England, fans quickly noticed the singer having problems with his voice when he changed to a low pitch and tone. He sang in a lower voice throughout the whole performance. After the show, fan-captured footage displayed Axl talking about his bad health.

Eventually, the music group canceled their next show by giving the reasons for the bad health of a member but didn't mention who the person was. However, from their previous performance, it became clear that Rose was the one in a bad situation.

.Although we know about the singer's problem with his voice, his actual condition and diagnosis are not publicized as of now.

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What Is Axl Rose's Mystery Illness Related To His Voice?

Axl Rose's mystery illness related to his voice is unknown, but the singer has damaged vocal cords.

Although his problem is well known at this point, the actual diagnosis and any further complexities the singer might face are not disclosed to the wider community. Thus, we are unaware of the extent of Axl's illness.

As of now, we can only hope the problem is minor and pray for the speedy recovery of the lead vocalist.

Is Guns N' Roses Glasgow Show Canceled?

Yes, Guns N' Roses's Glasgow show, scheduled for July 5, is now canceled, and all other concerts are delayed until further notice.

The metal band took to their official Instagram account to announce the decision. The post stated that the Glasgow show was canceled, and they will look to relocate the ticket holders to their next performance.

Until then, the music group has asked for patience and understanding from the people.

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