Who Is Villano Antillano? Trans Artist Making The Best Out Of BZRP Music Sessions

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Villano Antillano, a Puerto Rican rapper who rose to prominence in 2018, carved a niche for herself in a male-dominated genre by mainstreaming.

Villano, who appears to be in her 30s based on her physical appearance, is a Puerto Rican rapper well-known on social media as a trans artist.

Reinaldo Santiago Pacheco, a Puerto Rican artist who discovered her stage and space for expression in the world of trap, as well as a venue to defend the rights of many people from the LGTIBIQ+ collective, goes by the moniker Villano Antillano.

Villano Antillano has also managed to upset the foundations of trap music and the consciences of listeners, demonstrating that this musical genre can be a hymn of liberation rather than a harmful song full of sexist and homophobic remarks.

BZRP: Who Es Villano Antillano Trans Artist? Wikipedia And Biografia

Villano Antillano is a talented musical trans artist from Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. Based on her physical appearance, she appeared to be in her 30s as of 2022.

The musician has a lengthy history in the music industry and has never been shy about exposing her sexuality to the public.


She's a Puerto Rican rapper who rose to prominence in 2018, carving out a niche in a male-dominated genre by normalizing a queer perspective in a world poisoned by toxic masculinity.

"In the genre, I've aggressively pushed myself in, there is no tolerance for ladies like me," the "Vocales" singer tells Billboard."To suggest there isn't would be a delusion and an insult to the works of LGBT people who consume that genre worldwide."

In terms of her schooling, she has a bachelor's degree. She may have earned a higher degree from a reputable institution or university in her hometown, where the study faculty is unknown.

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Villano Antillano Edad & Net Worth

Villano Antillano, 30 years looking, is a musical musician and is predicted to have a net worth of $10 million as of 2022. As a result, she has already self-released a large amount of music.


She is a key figure in the Latin queer and trans artists movement, which strives to bring attention to LGBTQIA+ musicians that are generally disregarded by mainstream audiences.

Antillano recently collaborated on a hard-hitting EDM-infused rap session with Argentine producer Bizarre.

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Meet Villano Antillano On Her Instagram

Villano Antillano is a well-known musician active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she goes by the handle @villanoantillano. As a result, the artist has amassed 108k followers.


She spent most of her time on Instagram, where she routinely published her daily schedule and where many of her followers used to contact her.

Her Instagram timeline is adorned with her stunning photographs, which she enjoys sharing again.

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