A group of people who live in close proximity to one another on the northwest side of Indianapolis expressed their alarm at the behavior of a single woman, Vicky New which they claim has been both harassing and racist.

They expressed their concern that her behavior could become aggressive. The woman from Indianapolis who appeared in the video in which she threatened her neighbors and took their yard signs out of the ground claims that the films have been doctored.

Who Is Vicky New? Age, Racist Neighbor Arrested

Vicki New who is 67 years old, is currently being held in the Marion County Jail on preliminary accusations of criminal trespass and battery resulting in bodily injury. These allegations were brought against Vicki New by the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Despite the fact that a number of New's neighbors have complained of being harassed and subjected to racial outbursts, New maintains that she is the one who has been victimized.


She has stated that she does not engage in racist behavior. She also mentions that she is in the process of selling her house and moving at this time. She claimed she was not required to apologize to anyone for her actions.

A phone interview was scheduled with New, and she consented to participate in it. She did not consent to be filmed.

Attorney Greg Chandler, who represents the Twin Creeks Homeowner's Association, has stated that he is investigating the possibility of the community having any legal options available to them.

Vicky New Sentence

The office of the county prosecutor has stated that it is still conducting an investigation into the matter prior to the filing of official charges.
Off of West 62nd Street, between Zionsville Road and Georgetown Road, and just to the north of Northwestway Park is where you'll find the neighborhood.

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On Sunday, the frustration that had been building up for the past three years finally came to a climax. Everything was picked up by the camera and recorded. In the video that was shared on social media, the neighbor, who has been identified by her other neighbors as New, can be seen threatening to kill her neighbors.

She did not wish to give an interview to News 8 on camera, but she did state that Rios lunged at her before the cameras started rolling on the social media footage. Rios stated that what New had said was not accurate.

Vicky New Facebook And Family

There is currently no information available on Vicky New's husband, with whom she shares a home.

According to New's neighbors, she and her husband have made living next door to them a living nightmare for everyone in the neighborhood. They have lived in the house where they currently reside for three years.

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The couples say that they are just being impolite because they have been provoked by their neighbors, not because they are racist.


A school bus stop which was located too close to New and her husband's house has been relocated as per the neighborhood association's request. 

Rios, one of the neighbors, and his wife, Luvia Roman, had video cameras installed in their home. They also allow their kid, who is 4 years old, to ride her bike only inside the house.