Chris Pincher is a former Tory deputy chief whip, who resigned on June 30, 2022, and has made fans question does he have a wife or not. Netizens are peculiar to know about his married life.

Christopher John Pincher PC, known as Chris Pincher is a British politician. The member of the Conservative Party has served as the Member of Parliament for Tamworth since 2010.

The politician held the position of parliament for three consecutive general elections, winning a 19,634 majority in 2019. He previously served as the minister of the state of Europe, America, and the state of housing. 

Chris was appointed the deputy chief in February 2022, after playing a key part in the effort on saving Boris Johnson's job after the party gate scandal. However, he quit the job and is now only an MP.

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Tory MP Chris Pincher Doesn't Appear To Have A Wife: Is He Married?

The MP Chris Pincher does not have a wife and is not married till now.

On a long-noted biography of Chris on his website, the politician has not mentioned any details about his wife. He has mentioned his love for playing golf, watching horse racing, Grand Prix, and reading. 


Chris enjoys Evelyn Waugh and John Buchan as his favorite authors. Chris has been very private when talking about his married life, and no rumor of his relationship has been found. 

While netizens often seem to question his relationship, the MP always ignores the topic and keeps away from the controversy. With no official notice, it is unwise to any kind of details on his relationship status.

Take A Look On The Married Life Of Chris Pincher

Chris Pincher does not have a married life and still is a bachelor. With no married life, Chris is more active in his professional life as a politician.

Chris Pincher recently resigned from the job of deputy chief, after he was found to have groped two men while drinking at the Carlton Club in Piccadilly. He commented his actions as embarrassing. 

He wrote, “I’ve embarrassed myself and other people which is the last thing I want to do and for that, I apologize to you and those concerned". 

In a heavy heart speech, Chris Pincher thought resigning was the best thing he can do during the circumstances. Now, he is busy with his professional life as an MP.

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Meet The Politician Chris Pincher On Twitter: Social Media Personality Explored 

Chris Pincher can be found on Twitter with the username @ChrisPincher and has a blue tick beside his name.

He joined the platform back in 2010 and was born on September 24 according to his Twitter bio. He has a total of 21.6K followers in his name while he only follows about 958 people in total.

Chris uses his social media platform to be the voice of the voiceless. Being a member of the ruling party, he addresses citizens with different agendas and plans from the government.

He has posted a business email on his Twitter bio and has flaunted his position as Member of Parliament for Tamworth.