10 Things To Do Walt In Disney World Resort Orlando

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There are many things that can be done at Walt Disney World  Resort Orlando. The famous amusement park has a lot to offer including the best Disney theme parks, Thrilling Water parks, and interaction with popular Disney characters.

Activities like splashing in  Blizzard Beach, Roaming around Hollywood Studios, and riding on Balloons are some of the popular things to do in Disney theme parks. Apart from this, visiting nearby restaurants for delicious foods and drinks and riding thrilling roller coasters for fun and adventure are other popular things that can be done at this beautiful place. 

1. Blizzard Beach

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Visit Blizzard Beach for your best Disney theme park experience. It is the first thing you should do after landing at Disney World Resort Orlando. The most spectacular and downright fun Beach is the best recreational attraction at this location.

This visionary water park has a lot of attractions and exciting activities to offer. Thrilling slides such as Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, Downhill Double Dipper, and the Chair Lifts are the best attractions of this theme park. Here, Plummet is one of the world's tallest and fastest free-falling slides that will undoubtedly accelerate your heartbeat. Because the slide is most popular, be prepared for very long lines and wait.

Besides these breathtaking slides, the beach provides adventures for kids too, including Ski Patrol Training Camp and Tike’s Peak. This area is very active all day long and due to this parents can keep close eyes on their children. And Your whole family can drift away together on a tube ride at Team Boat.

2. Hollywood Studios

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A day visit at Disney's Hollywood Studios can be the best experience during your whole journey. It is one of the major theme parks at Disney World that is divided into six main areas. Each area is separated into Disney-related themes offering shows, rides, shops, and restaurants.

Another best part regarding this Studio is Star Wars where you can meet and interact with your favorite Star Wars characters and also you can see "Jabba the Hutt" walking around. And the fun part is you will experience the feeling as if you are a character in the movie.

Some of the best attractions of the studio are Echo Lake, Hollywood Boulevard, and Grand Avenue. Also, Toy Story Land, Animation Courtyard, and Sunset Boulevard are other great sites that shouldn't be ignored in your visit. If you are a true thrill-seeker visit the Tower of Terror "Sunset Boulevard". It takes you to exciting rides in the form of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith.

Other than terror rides, Studio has some enjoyable and entertaining sections too. The Story Land takes you on an interactive 4D adventure through famous movies like  Woody and Andy. It also has rides dedicated to the Pixar movie series. Additionally, the Animation Courtyard offers a ride that allows you to meet and greet with multiple popular Disney animation characters.

3. Balloon Tour

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Add a balloon tour to your to-do list when you visit the Disney World Resort. This will show you the stunning aerial views of beautiful sunrises and the surrounding area including Magic Kingdom. These balloon rides usually take place either in the morning or during the sunset providing you with pleasant memories of this scenic adventure and memorable experience during the visit to Disney World. 

The rides do not go too high so you don't need to worry even if you have an acrophobia. You will feel safe throughout your journey. You can visit nearby restaurants like Ramada Orlando Celebration Resort and Convention Centre after returning from the ride. They will offer you a delightful breakfast including luxurious and comfortable accommodations.

4. Disney character dining meals

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Another interesting thing to do in Disney World Orlando is to experience the Disney character dining meals. It is truly a fun way to get entertained and relax while interacting with some of your dearest Disney characters including Cinderella. During the entire process, You will be served distinct delightful foods and drinks.

It is a nice way to get up close with your favorite Disney characters. Also, an enjoyable way to begin your day before entering the parks in the morning. Since there are so many Disney characters it becomes difficult sometimes to reserve character dining restaurants. But wisely choose some of your favorites such as Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, Hollywood & Vine, or Cinderella’s Royal Table.

5. Animal Kingdom Theme Park

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One of Orlando's best parks in Disney World is the Animal Kingdom. It is an amazing theme park created as a representation of animals and environment conservation adding a complete focus on thrill and adventure. 

The main attractions of this beautiful zoology park are hundreds of species and live animals. In terms of animals, you can see glimpses of Elephants, Giraffes, Gorillas, and more. Not only this, but some other popular attractions of it are fun and exciting roller coaster rides.

Unlike other parks, the Animal Kingdom doesn't have many rides but includes some of the major rides such as Navi River Journey and River Rapids rides. 

Among them, the most popular ride is the Avatar Flight of Passage in Pandora. It is a 3D flying simulator that allows you to ride on the back of a banshee. It is truly an incredible attraction to Disney's animal kingdom that everyone needs to try in their visit.

6. Cinderella Castle

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Cinderella Castle is a fairy tale home also known as the gateway to Fantasyland. The fairy home invites you to the magical world where dreams come true. The castle is surreal for kids and all Cinderella fans.

The grounds offer picture-perfect photo, whereas the elegant handcrafted glass mosaics inside the Castle tells the story of Cindrella's rise from orphan to princess. And It gives you the feeling as if you are part of Cindrella's life. Hence, add this to your visit list for the best Disney theme park experience.


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An educational theme park, EPCOT is another best Disney parks that takes a fun and educational approach to entertainment. Unlike other adventurous parks, it does not offer you thrill roller coaster rides or famous characters rather it helps to analyze science, technology, and space.

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The idea is not a theme park but instead, a community to promote humanity and human achievement in tech and innovation.

Besides science and technology, you also can explore global culture and the future world in this wonderful park. Here, the future world means the demonstration of innovation and world showcase along with space exploration, energy sources, health, and underwater exploration. Thus, if you have curiosity regarding these things the EPCOT is perfect for you.

8. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

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Typhoon Lagoon is not only the largest water park in Disney World Theme Park but also in all of Orlando. Some of the important features of this pool are its lazy river and many water slides. It is also a massive wave pool that will provide you with an exciting water adventure giving you a feel like you are surfing in the Ocean.

Like Blizzard Beach, the Lagoon has a variety of activities and attractions for enjoyment. Some of them are Crush 'n' Gusher, Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, and Miss Adventure Falls. These will provide you with thrilling water coaster rides with some exciting twists and turns. In addition, the pool offers Ketchakidde Creek and Castaway Creek where you can relax in the lazy river and play with your children in small water slides.

Other than fun rides, you will get an opportunity to shop and dine in restaurants near the Disney theme water pool in Orlando. These restaurants will offer you a variety of options for healthy meals and drinks. Thus, Typhoon Lagoon is a great place to enjoy swimming, splashing, and thrilling water rides where you can have fun with your kids and family.

9. Disney's BoardWalk Orlando

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Disney's Boardwalk is the best-visited area at night which contains about 90,000 sq. ft of shops and restaurants along with nightclubs, bars, and boutiques. It is the most photogenic and lively spot allocated next to Crescent Lake which creates a colorful reflection of the amazing Disney park.

Some of the nightlife attractions at Disney's Boardwalk would include Jelly Rolls, Atlantic Dance Hall, and ESPN Club. Jelly Rolls is a place for Piano lovers, you can watch live Piano dueling performances with talented musicians. But If you are to hit the dance floor, you may visit Atlantic Dance Hall.

Similarly, here are a few of the dining highlights at Boardwalk. The Flying Fish Cafe and Trattoria al Forno are very popular restaurants at Disney World Orlando. They have classic Italian cuisine, fresh seafood, and steaks. You can also visit the nearby restaurant Pizza Window if you're in a rush or want a quick snack. They will serve you mouthwatering Broadwalk signature pizza with famous thin-crust slices.

10. Disney Spring

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Disney Spring is an outdoor complex at Disney Resort, Orlando that has multiple attractions including shopping, nightlife, street performances, and superb restaurants. It is a shopping hot spot where you can visit over a hundred shops allowing you to find a variety of housewares, accessories, gifts, and toys in the largest collection.

Besides shops, the other highlights of this outdoor shopping mall are beautiful restaurants and entertainment all in one place. Most restaurants are presented with a particular theme such as Disney's Days of Christmas and Candy Cauldron. Therefore, add Disney Spring to your bucket list for your best Disney theme park experience.