Tommy Fury is an undefeated professional boxer and a reality television star. Fury fights in the Light-Heavyweight and Cruiserweight categories.

The boxing blood runs through his veins as his family members have been involved in boxing for a long time. The name Fury is well-known in the boxing circuit.

Tommy is related to Tyson Fury. They both share the same father, John Fury.

The 23-year-old professional boxer has also starred in Love Island, a dating reality television show.

Tommy Fury, in recent times, has been popularly known because of his online conflict with Logan Paul's brother Jake Paul. The two have developed a rivalry for the past two years or so.

Fury quickly rose to fame because of his surname as well as his talents and association with a television show.

Tommy Fury Family

Tommy Fury is the younger half-brother of heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.
Tommy Fury is the younger half-brother of heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.( Source : instagram )

Tommy Fury is the son of Chantal Fury and John Fury. Tommy was born on 7th May 1999 in Manchester, England.

The British boxer's father, John Fury, was also a professional boxer during his youth. Meanwhile, Chantal rarely appears in public and is known to be of Mauritian descent.

The Fury family is a boxing family with many male members joining the path of professional boxing as a career.

Tommy's cousin, Hughie Fury, is also a heavyweight boxer. His father, Peter Fury, is also a former professional boxer.

John Fury fathered five children with different women and is known as 'Gypsy John.'

John's son Shane also fights professionally. Tommy's brother, Roman Fury, who is regarded as the silent type, is also a professional boxer.

The most known person from the Fury family is the two-time heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury. Tyson and Tommy are half-brothers.

John Fury Jr. is the eldest son of John. He also had a daughter named Ramona, who tragically passed out early.

 All Fury brothers have good relationships with each other. John also shares a good bond with all his children.

Tommy and Molly-Mae Hague are in a relationship. The couple welcomed their first child on 23rd January 2023. Her name is Bambi.

Tommy Fury Boxing Career

Tommy Fury fought against Jevgenjsj Andrejevs in his professional debut fight.
Tommy Fury fought against Jevgenjsj Andrejevs in his professional debut fight.( Source : instagram )

Tommy Fury started training from an early age. He began his boxing journey before turning a teen.

The Fury family has a history of boxing, and many family members are associated with the boxing scene. It seems natural that Tommy leaned towards the same culture and began boxing.

The 23-year-old boxer arrived on the boxing scene with the name Fury behind his back. His skill and technique did not go unnoticed.

The British boxer made his professional debut against Jevgenjis Andrejevs on the undercard of Josh Warrington vs. Carl Frampton. Tommy debuted as a 19-year-old in that fight in 2018 in the Machester Arena, Manchester.

Tommy defeated Andrejevs with a four-round points decision.

His second fight was on 23rd March 2019, where he fought Cllum Ide. The fight was stopped in the first round when Fury knocked Ide twice with body shots.

The first two fights of Tommy's career earned him wide popularity, and he was taken as the rising star in the pro circuit.

Tommy Fury Participated in Love Island

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were a couple in 2019's Love Island.
Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were a couple in 2019's Love Island.( Source : instagram )

Tommy Fury stepped away from boxing only after two fights. In that period, Tommy appeared in the reality television show Love Island.

The boxer was 20 years old when he took a nine-month sabbatical from boxing and focused on doing television.

It was a surprising call from Tommy to join the fifth season of Love Island in 2019. The rising boxing sensation was showing off his charm and charisma in the dating game show.

During the initial days of the show, Fury partnered with Lucie Donlan. But on day 5, he sided with Molly-Mae Hague, and the two developed a love interest.

Tommy and Molly lasted till the end of the show and were the Runner-Up. Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea were the winners of that season.

After the show, Tommy and Molly remained a couple and dated each other. They are still together in 2023 and are happily together with a baby girl, Bambi.

Tommy Fury Return to Boxing Scene

Tommy Fury after his return in his comeback fight in Copper Box Arena.
Tommy Fury after his return in his comeback fight in Copper Box Arena.( Source : instagram )

Tommy Fury returned to boxing in Copper Box Arena, London. After being away from boxing for nine months, he fought Przemyslaw Binienda on 21st December 2019.

Tyson Fury's half-brother was not rustic at all in his return fight. The third fight was another impressive performance by Fury. It only took him 62 seconds to end the bout and secure his third consecutive victory in the professional arena.

Tommy reigned victorious in his fourth fight as well. The bout against Genadij Krajevskij on 13th November 2020 also ended with a knockout victory for Fury.

Fury landed a big uppercut on his opponent and established a four-match winning streak.

The boxer registered another great performance on 27 February 2021. He delivered a strong right to Scott Williams' head, knocking him out and handing Fury his fifth win.

Tommy's record improved significantly as he took Jordan Grant in his sixth bout and secured a 40-36 points victory.

Fury fought Anthony Taylor next on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley. He scored 40-36 against Taylor and won via unanimous decision.

The rise and popularity of Tommy rose even more when he was scheduled to battle with Daniel Boscianski in Wembley Stadium. He was an undercard to Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte. Both Fury were victorious in their respective fights.

The match against Boscanski went to the judges and remained in favor of Tommy with a score of 60-54. Tommy's opponent took some heavy blows throughout the six rounds and was brutally bruised by the end of the fight.

The fight was one-sided, but Fury could not land the knockout blow to Boscanski. However, it did not stop him from calling out Jake Paul after the fight. 

Tommy Fury Recent Feud with Jake Paul

Tommy Fury fought with Jake Paul on 26th February 2023.
Tommy Fury fought with Jake Paul on 26th February 2023.( Source : instagram )

Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul was imminent. There was no doubt that Fury would let the chance to call out Jake slip from his hand.

It all started with Tyson Fury's tweet where he questioned and mentioned Jake Paul. Tyson tweeted it on 1st March 2021.

The YouTuber turned professional boxer quickly responded and claimed not to know about Tommy Fury. Jake also taunted Tommy for using his half-brother to call him out.

In response, Tommy put on a blonde wig and mocked Jake. Both fighters continued to abuse and insult each other online.

The feud between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul got everyone's attention. People on Twitter and other social media wanted to see them square off against each other and let the fight decide the supreme one between the two.

With all the anticipation and online drama between the two, negotiations started, and they were scheduled to face each other on 18th December 2021. But, the fight did not happen as Furry suffered an injury and had to withdraw.

But this did not end their feud, as both still wanted to meet in the ring and box each other. Another fight was scheduled for 6th August 2022.

Unfortunately, Fury had trouble with travel documentation and had to pull out of the fight. Once again, everyone's excitement was brought down.

Jake Paul garnered everyone's attention when he turned into a professional boxer. He fought many notable names, including Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

However, boxing fans and other people from the boxing fraternity criticized Paul for having only money fights. They were unhappy with him as he had not fought any professional boxer in his 6-0 pro record.

Finally, the saga between Tommy and Jake was about to see the end of light when the date of February 26, 2023, was announced for their fight. Everyone believed that this would be the actual fight and real test for Jake Paul in his professional boxing career.

Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, was selected to host the fight titled 'The Truth: Paul vs. Fury.'

After announcing the fight date, the tension between the two fighters escalated, and no one left any chance to mock and insult the other.

The fight was a huge spectacular, and many known names from the sports industry attended the event. Among the audience were Mike Tyson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder.

The bout between Fury and Paul lasted all eight rounds. Fury looked sharp and technically most of the time and was in the driver's seat throughout the fight.

Nonetheless, Paul also boxed well and gave Fury a hard fight. He seemed confident, and his growth from a YouTuber to a professional boxer was reflected.

After eight rounds, the referee announced the results and declared Tommy Fury the winner. It was a split decision as two judges scored the contest 76-73 in favor of Fury while one judge scored the fight 74-75 in Paul's favor.

After the fight, Tommy is riding high with a nine-match winning streak, four of them being knockout wins.