Tina Leung From Bling Empire Net Worth

Tina Leung is a famous fashion enthusiast and a blogger.
Tina Leung is a famous fashion enthusiast and a blogger.( Source : instagram )

Tina Leung is a famous fashion enthusiast and also worked as a stylist and writer in Hong Kong. Leung is a blogger and her blog is called Tina Lovers in 2010. 

Leung read US and UK fashion publications as a kid in Hong Kong, and she soon became an editor of one and eventually felt a pull toward New York.

Leung is unquestionably one of Hong Kong's high-fashion queens, and Tina is the only one who can pull off a statement look with such ease.

The stylist, fashion blogger, and all-around professional clothes horse is now an advertisement for her own brand as much as she is for anyone else's and she is decked out head to toe in the most recent Gucci or strutting her stuff in Balmain. 

The works done by Tina have been featured in editorials for Hong Kong's Harper's Bazaar, Marie Clare, Elle and so on.

On the Netflix Bling Empire spinoff series Bling Empire: New York, fashion stylist and influencer Tina Leung is likely to win over viewers' hearts. Tina is a vivacious and creative force who opens up about her life to give fans an honest and true look. Tina is one of Dorothy Wang's friends and a vital component of the New York fashion scene.

Tina Leung Net Worth

Tina Leung has several source of income including influencer and blogger and also a fashion stylist. Leung is inspried by Cate Blanchett.

Tina explained on a show after being cut-off by her father, Leung had to become financially independent in her twenties. It has been assumed that she has made her money through her work as fashion stylist, influencer and blogger.

Leung is also a member of the Slaysians and cast member of Bling Empire. Moreover, it has been estimated that her net worth is between $1 - $5 million and is likely to increase.

The amount of her Netflix fee is unknown and probably will raise her net worth. Likewise, the base pay for Netflix performer is around $158,158 annually according to Glassdoor Survey. Moreover, a business insider declares that the number may be significantly higher for reality TV personalities.

For those docu-ensembles, especially if they're nobodies, it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end according to a TV agency and after that it may go upto $7,000 to $10,000 per episode after three years of success.

Tina started her career as a fashion assistant at Prestige Hong Kong.

Leung in hotel lutetia Paris and the set collection officials.
Leung in hotel lutetia Paris and the set collection officials. ( Source : instagram )

Tina Leung developed a strong interest in fashion by studying styling and working with many stylists within the city. Tina started her career as a fashion assistant at Prestige.

Eventhough, she worked at the Prestige Hong Kong magazine as her first job. Tina would assist others, spend long nights on photoshoots and also conduct interviews for the magazine.

Leung eventually launched her own blog, in 2010. Tina shared that she did her blog to show her family and friends about her daily routine through her blog. At first, she was followed by small numbers on social media. Later, the followers on her instragram account grew a massive number suddenly. 


Tina doesn't like to describe her job as an influencer.

Tina Leung's career as a fashion influencer skyrocketed when Leung moved back to New York.

Now, Tina has more than 447,000 followers on instragram and has worked with high-end labels, including Gucci, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli.

Tina told Fashionista that she prefers to identify her work differently even though she occasionally refers to herself as a "influencer" on camera.

Tina used to say that she could do more styling, but people kept hiring her to wear or promote their clothes instead, and she liked to be in the background while the public and media kept steering and pushing her into the light.

Leung thinks that her heroes were always stylists in the industry who worked behind the scenes, and nowadays people are obsessed with TikTok, which is totally different from her generation; likewise, people love the limelight but Tina doesn't.


Leung is a member of Slaysians

Slaysians getting ready to make their entrance at the house of slay party.
Slaysians getting ready to make their entrance at the house of slay party. ( Source : nytimes )

Tina is one of five top-notch fashion industry leaders that make up the Slaysians. There are five members in the House of Slay.

Slaysians consists of designers Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung, co-creative director at Oscar De La Renta Laura Kim, and entrepreneur Ezra J. William. 

The group has established House of Slay which is a comic book-inspired platform with the objective of creating an inclusive and creative space.

According to their website, "the members of the House of Slay take on racism, intolerance, bullying, and fear of the 'other' in a truely heroic manner. It is "a place for everyone" and "represents underrepresented voices from all areas of life, as well as the AAPI ancestry of its founders."

The Slaysians received their first CDFA award in November 2022. The House of Slay is an inclusive space created by five Asian Americans to promote love and inclusivity within New York's fashion world and beyond. Webcomics, Webtoons, Merchandise and more are featured on the official House of Slay website.

Tina Leung is Back to Television.

Tina gave up on acting, only to star in a reality television show 20 years later. A producer from Bling Empire reached out in January 2021 about potentially taking part in the show.

Leung was interviewed a few times on Zoom with Bling Empire's producer. Before going to LA, Tina met the producer and Dorothy Wang, whom she knew already through a mutual friend. Then suddenly the show got greenlit, and it ran from January to March 2022.

Initially, Tina is quite shy, so she was a bit overwhelmed, especially as the show involved so much talking and all the castmates are such big characters on their own, so sometimes she just sat back and let the characters talk.

Tina is on the cast of the new Netflix show which was released on January 20 and the sister show to succesful Los Angeles-based series Bling Empire which gained a huge fame across nation.

The majority of people who contacted Tina Leung to promote their particular brand were from all over the world. There is still buzz and rumors circulating that Tina will also appear in the second season of the popular Netflix series Bling Empire, appearing in the show for the second time.