Rapper Timal Origin

Timal was born in Saint-Denis, France, on July 10, 1997. The rapper's origin is Guadeloupean. Timal's Guadeloupean heritage encouraged him to adopt the name Timal.

To those who don't know Guaseloupean meaning, it is an archipelago and overseas department and region of France in the Caribbean, which consists of six inhabited islands.

Rapper Timal has not disclosed about his parents and siblings on any platforms or in the interviews. Timal is a private person who does not like to share his kinds of stuff with the public.

Is Rapper Timal Married? Who Is His Wife?

Rapper Timal's relationship status is unknown. There is an equal probability of Timal being single or dating someone because he has not given a single hint to the media yet.

A rapper is a private person who believes in separating his personal life from his professional life. If Tamil is dating someone, he is keeping it under the wraps.

For now, Timal's wife is unknown. The rapper might share his romantic life on his IG profile once he achieves his professional career on peaks. Timal has not been involved in a previous relationship to the date.

What Is Rapper Timal Net Worth 2022?

The estimated net worth of rapper Tamil is between $1 million and $5 million. The estimated net worth of Tamil might vary depending upon the sources because his exact revenue is unknown.

The 25-years-old rapper has already accumulated a sizeable amount of cash from his profession. Tamil has enough money to buy opulent homes and name-brand goods.

In 2016, he began releasing freestyles on Daymolition's YouTube channel, which covers budding rappers, and rose to prominence with the freestyle series "Rapport."

Trop chaud, his debut studio album, was awarded gold on April 27, 2018. [1] In 2020, he released the album Caliente, which featured collaborations from Maes, Leto, and PLK.

Rapper Tamil is living a lavish lifestyle
Rapper Tamil is living a lavish lifestyle ( Source : actualnewsmagazine )

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Rapper Timal Dog Controversy

The 25-year-old artist, who lives in Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne), a suburb of Paris, was arrested and taken into police custody on Wednesday.

He shared a video of himself kicking one of his two dogs in the head three times the day before on the social media platform Snapchat. As per the video, he thrashed his pets with the words "you idiot."

According to lawyers, rapper Timal was convicted Thursday evening by the Meaux court to pay 6,000 euros for "acts of cruelty to a domestic animal," two days after publishing a video in which he beats his dog.

Rapper Timal is on controversy by posting a video on Snapchat where he shows himself kicking his dog several times
Rapper Timal is on controversy by posting a video on Snapchat where he shows himself kicking his dog several times ( Source : bsetours )

Additionally, the rapper was given a five-year animal ownership restriction. The groups criticized the penalty for not being powerful enough to deter. The Meaux court ordered rapper Timal to pay 6,000 euros Thursday night for "acts of cruelty to a domestic animal."

The dogs were apprehended and handed over to an animal protection organization.  "It is an appropriate penalty given Timal's recognition of the facts and, above all, his heartfelt apologies." as said by Teller Report.

Meet Rapper Timal On Instagram

Rapper Timal is available on Instagram with the moniker @timalofficial, where he frequently posts about his upcoming singles and daily routines to update his admirers.

Timal has only uploaded 149 posts as of writing this article. The rapper has a registered account with 655k followers and 138 followings to date.

Recently, he has uploaded his photos with some of his groups with the caption: "Blue, violet, yellow, green, we don't even bother with the chameleon. Thank you, family, for your help with the piece."

Some Quick Facts About Rapper Timal

What is Rapper Timal's real name?

Rapper Timal's real name is Ruben Louis.

How old is Rapper Timal as of 2022?

Rapper Timal was born on July 10, 1997, making him 25 years old as of 2022.

How did Rapper Timal become famous?

Rapper Timal became famous with the freestyle series Rapport.

What is Timal's latest controversy?

Timal is recently in controversy after posting a video on Snapchat showing him kicking a dog.

Is Rapper Timal on Instagram?

Yes, Timal is on Instagram with the moniker @timalofficial.

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