Thomas Partey is a professional football from Ghana. He is a midfielder for Premier League club Arsenal. Partey is recently surrounded by controversy; fans are intrigued about his family, wife, and relationship status. 

The Ghanaian footballer also plays for Ghana national team. He has a professional career at Spanish Club Athletico Madrid. Through constant transfers and loans from 2015 to 2018. He finally settled with Arsenal with the transfer of £45 million, becoming one of the most expensive players.

The 29-year-old athlete has been accused of rape; the details about his circumstances are unsure, but Telegraph has reported about the player's arrest in North London. 

Also, the club shall face some difficulties during their upcoming matches; thus, to keep out of legal troubles, Arsenal is likely to build a team without Partey should the legal action create problems for him. 

Thomas Partey Wife Sara Belle

Partey is in a relationship with Moroccan girlfriend, Sara Belle, but it seems they are not married yet.

Thomas also stated that he converted to Islam from the inspiration of his girlfriend. Sara seems to have convinced him to change his religion and adhere to the code of Islam. 

Moreover, Sara seems to be a motivating factor for changes in Thomas's life.

Is Thomas Partey Arrested For Rape?

Fans are shocked by the news from various media and tabloids about the accusation of Rape against Partey.

The footballer was not on the field; the coach answered that he was not on the field due to his fatigue while traveling from Germany. The doubts were resolved as the team as Arsenal team had indeed traveled to Germany. 

Likewise, Police attested that a man was arrested for the suspicion of rape and taken into custody by the North London police. The inquiry is ongoing after his tour from Germany, but the artist is already under the charge of rape and assault. 

Furthermore, it is believed that Police had launched an investigation following a rape allegation of a woman in her 20s on 4th July 2022. 

Thomas Partey Net Worth

The 29-year-old football player's net worth is estimated to be around 35.1 million. The player has entered into a contract with Arsenal; thus, his market value is nearly $57.2 million. However, his value is likely to plummet due to the accusation of rape. 


To enumerate, the player has already won Europa League, Spanish La Liga, Champions League, and UEFA super cup. The Ghanaian player seems to be searching for the next accomplishment and adventure. However, he is a talented individual gradually making his mark in English Premier League. 

Likewise, despite his accomplishments and prospects, he is currently surrounded by controversy and accusations of rape; thus, he seems to be feeling lousy business. Moreover, the media sources and authorities have not disclosed the incident's name, but a 21-year-old girl has been subjected to the discussion as she is the victim of the rape that occurred in London.

Thomas Partey Career

The Ghanaian footballer is famous in terms of his career. Initially, he played in the position of midfielder and footballer. He started his career in 2013 from Athletico Materid but was on loan for other clubs in 2015. 


Moreover, the transference of Partey is likely to give him his growth in his other avenues. He has joined Arsenal, which shall help him navigate his performances and discipline activities to achieve extraordinary heights in his professional road. 

Thomas was responsible for representing his country in the 2022 world cup in Qatar; he represented his country on three different occasions 2017, 2019, and 2021.