Surender Sharma Known For His Satirical Comedy Passed Away, Cause Of Death

Surendra Sharma has sadly passed away
Surendra Sharma has sadly passed away ( Source : listennotes )

Another sad report has emerged from the Punjabi entertainment industry. Surender Sharma, a well-known Punjabi comedian, poet, and author, is no longer with us.

The news of Sharma's passing has caused a wave of sadness throughout the whole Indian, Punjabi business. 

Sharma has been in a number of comic movies and television shows and was a well-known public personality in the Punjabi entertainment industry. He was renowned for taking part in India's Laughter Champion, a comedic reality show.

Moreover, go through this article to learn about who is Surender Sharma and what happened to him.

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Surender Sharma Death Cause: What Happened To The Comedy Writer?

Different actors in the Punjabi industry and wellwishers have been paying respect to Surender Sharma and praying for his family since the news of his passing broke.

Numerous Punjabi artists have appeared on-screen alongside the renowned poet and author. After hearing the news of  Sharma's passing, celebrities have been in constant grief.

At the Chandigarh crematorium, Surender Sharma will be cremated tonight, on June 27.

Sharma was brought to the Lari Cardiology Center after he was diagnosed with a heart stroke at the Civil Hospital after complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath.

Malkeet Rauni, a Punjabi actor, posted the sad news of Surinder's passing on social media.

Malkeet uploaded a photo of Surender and Gurpreet Ghuggi to Instagram with the caption, " "We regret to inform you that our esteemed Dr Surender Sharma, a writer, actor, and director, has passed away. "

Who Is Surender Sharma?

Surender Sharma was a well-known figure in the Punjabi entertainment industry and has been in a number of comedic films and television programs.

Sharma from India was a poet, author, and humorist. He frequently produced and composed comedic routines featuring himself and his wife.

In 2013, the Indian government recognized him for his services to literature by bestowing upon him the Padma Shri honour.

In addition to that, he was named the Vice-Chairman of the Hindi Academy, Government of Delhi, in October 2018.

Vishnu Khare took over his position after him. He previously served as vice-president of the Haryana Sahitya Academy, which is overseen by the state of Haryana. He belongs to the Central Board of Film Certification as well.

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Know About Surender Sharma Family Members

As far as his fans are concerned, Surender Sharma In Haryana was born into a Brahmin family. He is a native of the Haryana district of Mahendragarh and the village of Nangal Choudhary.

Even though his detailed family members are not revealed publically, he has mentioned having his wife and creating satirical jokes about her.

Also, while scrolling through his social media, no family bond could be found throughout. His family members must be in a state of shock and grief and may come out soon.

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