Stephen Hung Wife Is Four Decades Younger Than Him

Stephen Hung is a Popular Hong Kong businessman and his wife Deborah Hung.
Stephen Hung is a Popular Hong Kong businessman and his wife Deborah Hung.( Source : instagram )

Stephen Hung is a famous Hong Kong businessman and one of the cast member of Netflix's Bling empire. Hung is a sucessfull man within the banking industry.

The 13 Holdings Limited, which was listed in Hong Kong, had him as a co chairman. Hung serves as vice-chairman of Rio Entertainment Group that manages the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau, and chairman of The Taipan Investment Group. Hung's parents were property agents.

Hung studied at the University of Southern California and Columbia University, he graduated with a master's in business administration.

At Merrill Lynch, Stephen Hung Hung served as co-head of investment banking for Asia. Then, he started his own investment firm. Hung has also held positions as non-executive director of AcrossAsia Limited and vice chairman of eSun Holdings in the past.

As a client, Stephen Hang was present for a Versace performance in Hong Kong, China. Hung first saw Deborah Valdez, a lovely Mexican model who immediately won his heart, at this occasion. She prepared herself to give up modeling at the moment to pursue a career as an attorney because she had recently finished her legal studies.

 But earlier than she had expected, her life's trajectory was altered by the relationship that quickly developed between her and Stephen Hung.

Stephen Hung works in Finance

According to his LinkedIn profile, Stephen began his career as a Vice President of Real Estate at Citi before moving on to become Head of Investment Banking, Asia, at Merrill Lynch. 

In recent years, he has established a reputation for himself as an investor in high-end properties, particularly in Asia. Hung is renowned for being a generous humanitarian as well as a clever and astute investor. 

Hung has been working in the entertainment sector since the 1990s, producing several movies and TV shows. According to his LinkedIn profile, Stephen created and is currently the chairman of SH Capital Group, a private investment company that works with the real estate, hospitality, and other luxury industries.

According to Tatler Asia, he is also reportedly the creator of the hotel chain The 13 in Macau. According to Page Six, Stephen previously held the positions of chairman of The Taipan Investment Group, vice chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, and joint chairman of investment holdings company The 13 Holdings Limited.

Stephen Hung Career

Hung co-led Merrill Lynch's investment banking division in the region of Asia
Hung co-led Merrill Lynch's investment banking division in the region of Asia ( Source : instagram )

Stephen Hung holds the degrees in business administration from both Columbia University and the University of Southern California.

Hung co-led Merrill Lynch's investment banking division in the region of Asia. Then, hung started his own investment company. Hung worked as non-executive director of AcrossAsia Limited, a division of the Lippo Group, and vice chairman of eSun Holdings.

With the help of Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme, Hung started developing the Louis XIII in Macau in 2013, a luxury casino and resort. By 2017, the project, The 13 had been lavishly built, but it was still having financial problems and had not yet opened or been given a casino license.

Highly affluent politicians and the corporate elite of the People's Republic of China were the principal targets of 13 Holdings Limited, Hung's main vehicle and the project's running company.

While in 2014, when Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping visited Macau for its 15th anniversary as a Special Administrative Region and expressed his government's displeasure with such ostentatious excess as part of his anti-corruption campaign, the project's main objectives were severely harmed.

Paul Y Engineering, the company's engineering division, sold almost 52 percent of its shares.

Stephen Hung journey to become rich

Stephen Hung was born into riches as his father is the successful real estate businessman. Hung utilizes his father's supports in business.

Hung continued his education after high school at Columbia and USC, where he earned an MBA. Stephen took advantage of the family's real estate knowledge in the banking sector, where he swiftly became success.

Stephen immediately hold the position of Co-Head of Investment Banking for Asia at Merrill Lynch. Hung has also held the positions of vice chairman of eSun Holdings and non-executive director of AcrossAsia Limited, a Lippo Group affiliate. 

Stephen established his investment company on the foundation of his extensive expertise and subsequent success in the field. After some time, he made the decision to dabble in building hotels and resorts.

Since 2013, Stephen has been in charge of the development of a resort in Macau, China, under the Louis XII Holdings Limited. Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme accompanied Hung. The 13 was the name of the project when it was completed in 2017.

Disastrously, the company ran into problems because it didn't get legal authority to operate as a casino and couldn't get the money it needed. 

Stephen positioned as co-chairman of The 13 Holdings Limited, a corporation that catered to highly successful and rich Chinese businessman. Inspite of their best efforts, the initiative's creators were never able to achieve the degree of success they had hoped.

Stephen Hung Net Worth

 Mr. and Mrs. Hung have a remarkably higher combined net worth of $2 billion.
Mr. and Mrs. Hung have a remarkably higher combined net worth of $2 billion. ( Source : instagram )

Hung Stephen is an entrepreneur and wealthy millionaire businessman. Stephen Hung has a $400 million net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Stephen Hung attended both Columbia and USC for his studies. He worked at Merrill Lynch Asia in the financial industry. Through investment banking and property development, he accumulated his wealth. Together with his model wife Deborah Valdez, he has two daughters.

Hung is the president of Louis XIII Holdings and decided to open the Louis XIII casino in Macau, which is said to have the most costly hotel room in the world, with weekly rates of about $130,000 and private boutique jewelry starting at $1 million.

According to Bling Empire: New York, Stephen Hung and his wife Deborah Valdez-Hung have a remarkably higher combined net worth of $2 billion than that online publications claim.

Stephen Hung and Devorah Hung age gap and married life.

Devorah Valdez-Hung was born on January 11, 1983 and the birthplace is Hermosillo, Mexico. Devorah is 40 years old whereas Stephen is 64 years old as of 2023. 

She started her modeling career at the age of 16 before she went to Columbia University and the University of Southern California. The power couple of Bling Empire New York is leading Chinese businessman Stephen Hung and former Mexican beauty Deborah Hung. 

The couple is openly confessing their love to one another and supporting one another throughout the entire series. As a result, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that their followers are curious to learn more about their connection. The age difference between Stephen and his wife has caused many people to harbor doubts throughout the years.

Stephen was well known in Hong Kong even before he met his wife Debora. Generally, many members of the public and the media showed skepticism when he get married to Deborah in January 2012.

One of Hong Kong's most elegant hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, is the place where wedding ceremony took place. Deborah's roughly 24-year age difference from her spouse, though, did not intensify her public image at the time. She is 40 years old right now, and Stephen is probably around 64.

Many people suspected that Deborah had only married Stephen for his money. Deborah and Stephen continued on and gave the rumors about their relationship little thought. Dreamodels, Deborah's modeling agency, immediately achieved great popularity and provided the Hungs with a suitable source of income.

Stephen and Devorah have two children; Ivan Hung and Sean Hung. 

Stephen Hung and Devorah Hung Bling Empire journey.


Stephen Hung and Deborah Veldez married in january 2012 when Hung is around 53 years old where as Devorah was 29 years old.

Even after 11 years of marriage, the pair is still living a happy life together. The Hung couple has made several public appearances, and many people have liked their adorable photos. When Stephen and Deborah first met, they were both at the same Versace fashion show in Hong Kong, China.

Deborah was ready to leave her position as a model at the moment and looking for a career as an attorney as she had recently finished her legal studies. Deborah and Stephen quickly grew close, and their romance flourished. 

Deborah discussed her plans for future additions to the Hung family in Bling Empire's season 1. Therefore, it is believed that the Hung couple are probably planning  to extend their family, however, they are giving priority to their professional life.

Apart from that rumor, once another gossip regarding their separation attracted people's attention. But it is clear they are still together following Bling Empire New York and are often  seen attending different public events openly. 

Furthermore, their wonderful relationship is highlighted in Bling Empire.  Both of them live lavish life, with an impeccable sense of fashion and collective wealth.

Devorah Hung living her luxurious life

Deborah Hung is a model, lawyer, businesswoman and the wife of popular Hong Kong billionaire Stephen Hung. Mrs. Hung always takes the spotlight of the public and media. 

Deborah makes appearances between high society gatherings and international fashion shows, one jaw-dropping costume at a time. Even on a routine day, Hung is frequently spotted wearing luxury clothes. Fans may easily witness her designer clothing from head to toe by just visiting her social media pages.

Deborah Hung is the proprietor of Dreamodels, an Asian and European modeling agency, is a well-known figure at fashion week events for brands like Giambattista Valli, Versace, Elie Saab, and Dior. She started as a runway model and constantly rose to become a prestigious visitor at fashion events. 

Hung naturally prefers to travel in style as she is scheduled to travel across continents. Private aircraft are nothing new to her, and they are the greatest means of transportation to reach her desired locations including Paris, Dubai, Monaco, St. Tropez, and Switzerland.