Electric cars are getting more and more attention worldwide because they are environmentally friendly. Due to the advancement in battery technology, the popularity of electric cars is only going to increase. Every vehicle manufacturing company is looking to launch its electric vehicle and has spent millions of dollars just on research and technology advancement.

Electric cars do not have to be big and expensive. It can be a compact, powerful technology, and in an affordable price range. Here are some of the best small electric cars if you're considering buying one yourself.

Renault Zoe

Price: Starts from $26,460

Until recently the market for small electric cars was dominated by Renault Zoe but with the popularity and emergence of new cars, they are forced to share this market. Although the production of the best-selling Renault Zoe will be stopped at the end of March 2024, it will be replaced by Renault 5.

Originally, it was launched in 2012 but an improved version was released in 2019 with more efficient motors and bigger batteries. This is Europe’s one of the best-selling electric cars.


  • Zoe E-Tech 100% electric allows you to drive up to 239 miles with a 52 kWh capacity.
  • Has used better motors.
  • Good Interiors.
  • You can either buy the battery outright or lease them as well.


  • Don't provide a standard fast charger and only 50 kWh.
  • Cannot carry four adults comfortably.
  • No height adjustable option for the driver's seat.

Fiat 500

Price: Starts from $35000

The Fiat 500e is an adorable, recognizable, and well-put-together small electric car for 2024. This car is entirely capable in the city and very reliable. This latest version of the Fiat 500 is different from before because it went electric when it launched in 2020. It is also known as 500e.

The car comes with two battery options i.e. either a 24kWh with a 94bhp motor and a 118-mile official range or a 42kWh battery 117bhp motor and is rated for 199 miles of WLTP range.


  • It's a beautiful-looking car.
  • Has a bigger battery and gives a decent battery range.
  • Has an easy-to-use tech


  • Looks a little unadventurous
  • Bit more expensive than its competitors
  • Restricted space in the back.

Mini Cooper SE

Price: Starts at $30900

Mini Cooper SE has proved that turning into a fully electric car is not radically different from being competent and desirable. Owners believe that it's more fun to drive and has a bigger boot space than Fiat's electric 500. It has a cool fluro green-tinted ‘Cooper S’ badge on the boot.

This car was first launched in 2020 and the company is planning to launch a new version with a bigger battery option. Currently, the car claims to have a range of 140-145 miles on a full charge.


  • The trademark quality of Mini i.e. agility totally survives in this EV.
  • Good speed.
  • Battery does not occupy a big space.


  • It is tougher to ride than the petrol version.
  • Very limited battery range.
  • Not as specious as desired.
  • Needs to improve a bit to give a tough competition.

Peugeot e-208

Price: Starts from $49990

Peugeot e-208 is a very stylish-looking small electric car that has a combination of range, easy personality, and value. These qualities make it a strong contender in its sector. This car has two electric set-ups, one is a 45kWh battery and a 136bhp motor and another is a 48kWh battery and 156bhp motor.

The company claims a range of around 248 miles on a 100% battery and the charging times on 100kW-plus chargers are around half an hour for a 10-80% top-up.


  • It has a stylish look.
  • It comes with a great interior.
  • Gives a better range than most electric superminis.


  • Limited boot space available.
  • Not as fun to drive.
  • Bit pricy for someone looking into an affordable small electric vehicle.

Vauxhall Corsa

Price: Starts from $39000

The Vauxhall Corsa Electric is known to be a combination of subtle and sensible among its competitors. It is a small electric hatchback car and a fully electric version of one of  Britain's best-selling cars.

Its new 154bhp motor and 51kWh battery combo have ambitiously been titled ‘Long Range’ electric car with a range of 246 miles. As the verdict goes, it is less peacocky than its Mini or Honda rivals, and it’ll go further and come with tons of more room for people.


  • One of the most approachable electric cars.
  • Its new look version is a big improvement.
  • Offers simple trim options.


  • The interior needs a lot of upgrades.
  • Can't justify the value for money for some people.

MG 4

Price: Starts from $39990

MG 4 EV may not look that exciting to a few people but this car has managed to nail down multiple categories of what it takes to make a good car. It comes with a great residual value, drives very well, and comes with a decent slug of standard kit.

It comes in a total of five variants. Its topmost variant with a 77kWh battery gives a driving range of 323 miles on a 100% battery level. It requires just over half an hour for a 10-80% charge on a big public rapid charger.


  • Has an excellent residual value.
  • Feels good to drive.
  • It's a well-equipped car.
  • Feels relatively cheaper than its competitors.


  • Seats could improve a bit.
  • Some functions are not that useful.
  • The XPower version does not feel that fast.

Citroen Ami

Price: Starts from $6600

Citroen Ami, translated in French is called an urban mobility object and is classed under neighborhood electric vehicle. It's top speed limit is 28mph and gives a total range of 46 miles at 100% battery level.

It is a very cheap option for an electric car and suits perfectly for the person needing for a regular short commute. It is a tiny two-seater car, a replacement for a cycle during a downpour.


  • It's simple, fun and cheap.
  • Better means of transportation than a cycle during the rainy season.


  • It's very slow compared to other cars.
  • Only useful for short commutes and cities.
  • Not much of a car.

Upcoming Small Electric Cars

As the demand keeps rising for small electric vehicles, newer and cooler versions of these cars will keep hitting the market. Here we have listed some of the small electric cars to watch out for in the future. Check it out, maybe you'll find your perfect little commute buddy and switch to an eco-friendly option.

Renault 5 (Expected in 2025)

Renault 5 is coming to replace Renault Zoe and the company is pretty confident it'll be the most enjoyable small electric car to drive.  Renault claims they've made driving this car fun in a way that their competitors can't match. They've done this by using a special rear axle setup usually found in fancier, pricier cars. The expected price of this car at the time of launch is around $27000.

Alpine A290 (Expected mid-2024)

This is another version of Renault 5 which looks extremely good and is looking for a release later this year. As it was revealed in the trial version, the driver's seat was in the middle with a Formula 1 car-inspired steering wheel. It had a powerful motor with 215 horsepower and a large 60kWh battery. The expected price of this car at the time of launch is around $43999.

Citroen e-C3 (Expected 2024)

Citroen e-C3 will be the first car to be based on the cost-efficient’ Stellantis Smart Car platform. It can give a driving range of 199 miles with a 100% battery using a 44kWh lithium ferro phosphate battery pack. The expected price of this car at the time of launch is $24500.

Volkswagen ID.1/ID.2 (Expected in 2025)

Volkswagen is trying to bring a new entry-level electric car after already confirming a Polo-sized ID.2 with two battery options i.e. 38 kWh and 56 kWh. 56 kWh battery is aiming for a range of 280 miles and a top speed of 99 mph. The expected price of model ID.1 is around $21800 and the expected price of the model ID.2 is around $26000.

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