The American athlete Scott Stallings is a distinguished professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. Many netizens out there look to the golfer for significantly losing weight in 2015.

A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Stallings was an all-state golfer and a four-year member of the Dean's List. He went to Tennessee Tech, where he was reportedly a two-time Ohio Valley Conference player of the year.

He acquired the Farmers Insurance Open by only a single shot over five other players in January 2014. Despite coming back from three strokes in the final round, the golfer lost in a four-person playoff the following year.

Stallings was reportedly restricted from playing for three months on the 7th of July 2015. He was restricted because of the use of an unauthorized chemical supplement. Learn about his weight loss in the article.

PGA: Scott Stallings Weight Loss 

PGA player Scott Stallings had a significant weight loss of accumulated 75 pounds. The American golfer's impressive weight loss journey's major starting point is after 2015.

The golfer's heaviest weight recorded was 252 pounds before initiating his commendable weight loss journey. Whereas Stallings later lost 75 pounds to become 177 pounds.


A card-carrying PGA Tour player wanted a better version of himself. The introspection moment led the golfer to do even better, and he started hitting the gym. That's when his significant journey began.

His journey started as a simple mission to be a better version of himself in his personal and professional life. Stallings started going to CrossFit, and there was one phrase that motivated him to keep going.

'You have two things under your control: your attitude and your effort, and the rent is due on both days, so pay the man.' This remark hit him deeply and served as a source of motivation throughout his journey.

In the concrete, the golfer loved the phrase so much that it became his daily mantra. Let alone a daily mantra, Stallings and the American golfer even got the phrase stamped on his wedges.

His initial weight drop was 50 pounds after he started the journey to change the way he lived his life because he was struggling to keep up on the PGA Tour. By 2020, the PGA Tour player lost 16% body fat and 55 pounds.


Stallings's guilty pleasure was Soda which was his form of hydration. He drank 12 Dr. Peppers a day, and now that he thinks of those times, Scott is surprised he didn't get diabetes.

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PGA Golfer Scott Stallings Before And After Photos

PGA golfer Scott Stallings's impressive before and after photos has become the epitome of inspiration for many trying to shed some pounds. He is now 75 pounds down from his heaviest of 252 pounds.

The biggest difference he noticed after significant weight loss is the energy level which is higher than it has ever been. "I had a poor relationship with food.' revealed the reason behind his weight gain.

Stallings would have cheat days when he alone consumed 15,000 calories a day. On top of that, he was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, which even contributed to his weight gain.

The golfer had broken his nose three times as a kid and never really fixed it. Lack of sleep leads to improper digestion and deteriorates all the things a normal human being needs to recover.


Health Update Of PGA Golfer Scott Stallings

Talking of Scott Stallings' health update, the PGA golfer is the healthiest he has ever been in his entire life. He feels enthusiastic with a higher level of energy after significant weight loss.

He achieved impressive results undergoing a well-planned diet and workout. Also turning into a gym freak, Stallings occasionally tweets about his workout milestones while motivating many to focus on their health.

'Anything worth having will not be simple, but it will be worth whatever it takes,' renowned golfer Stallings preaches on Twitter while dressed for the gym.

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Scott Stallings' Net Worth

The 37-year-old American golfer Scott Stallings's net worth is estimated to have a substantial fortune, and he has an accumulated career earnings is$14,043,488.

He acquired $1,927,865 in his 2010-2011 play session, which is still Scott's career's highest-earning record. The golfer is a distinguished name in the industry who has already forged a name for himself.

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