Who Is Scott Falater Daughter Megan And Where Is She Now? ABC 20/20 Explores The Murder Case

Scott Falater in the deposition testifying about the murder in his own trial.
Scott Falater in the deposition testifying about the murder in his own trial.( Source : oxygen )

A surreal and gruesome occurrence of murder occurred in the 90s when people witnessed a unique defense which was the sleepwalking defense to salvage the damage on Scott Falater, his daughter, and his family. 

Falter was convicted by the authorities of the first-degree murder of his wife. However, he does not seem to remember the act of committing the murder due to his sleepwalking. The murder brought significant media attention and wide coverage of the news. 

Similarly, it was a complex case where the perpetrator is a victim of an undiagnosed disease that influenced him to kill his own partner but it might also be a ruse only as the defense claimed that the suspect was using sleepwalking as an excuse as he was fully awake in his actions. 

Scott Falater Daughter Megan Falater Now

At present, Falater's daughter Megan is studying as a Freshman at the University of Chicago, she is believed to be 18 years old. Megan's public appearances and knowledge of the public were blocked due to her being a significant minority.

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The case divided public opinion into two segments but Megan Falater daughter of Scott Falater supported her father. According to her statement, he was a kind and loving parent who worked hard and provided for the family to come into his life. 

To enumerate, Megan has not made any public appearances or interviews concerning the death of her mother and her father serving time. The inmates also seem to support Scott who was saved from manslaughter with the defensive argument of an Aggressive man. 

Wife Yarmila Falater Murder & Son

Wife Yarmila Falater died due to being stabbed 44 times all over the body of the victim. Yamila was killed by Scott she was murdered in the sleep of the perpetrator also it seems that the relationship between the son and his father Scott. 

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Both of them seem to share a close relationship with one another. Michale son of Yarmila and Scott was only 11 years old when such an event happened. Michale had forgiven his father as both of them had a better relationship with one another as opposed to Scott's daughter 

Moreover, during a covid pandemic; Michale visited his son and hear about his issues. That said, both of them were able to delve deeper into each other's psyche which brought understanding and interconnection between Yarmila's son and Scott. They were able to chat through a FB profile which facilitated the news about Scott. 

Scott Falater Update 2022

Scott Falter is in prison;o he was sentenced to life, thus he is learning new things, meditating, and living in harmony with one's body and soul. He has been able to transform himself from being impatient to the patient and flexible as an individual.


The children were proud of Scott Falater's achievement. They are proud of his acceptance and ability to move forward with the difficult issues in life.  That said, Scott regrets his actions and that burden shall be his to carry. 

Therefore, he might not forgive himself for those actions but he knows that his wife shall forgive him and she is in a better place thus he acknowledges those aspects and moves on with his life.  

The news case of Scott has turned into various fictional, documentary, and various media stories thus he might be portrayed in different limelight in each of those media but he seems to keep his original nature unfiltered and does not seek justification but rather tries to find solace in his life. 


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