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Rapper Saviii 3rd Real Name and Net Worth Revealed

Saviii 3rd enjoying his late night music video shoot
Saviii 3rd enjoying his late night music video shoot ( Source : instagram )

Saviii 3rd is a well-known rapper identified by his stage name by most people; however, his real government name is Tyrus Washington. 

Saviii 3rd is an independent artist who performs solo rap and music. The musician is from the lap of beaches, East Side Long Beach Crip, South Los Angeles, USA and is determined to be one of the most excellent musicians with his talent and unique vocals. Saviii is just 24 years old and has achieved a lot at this young age after entering the music industry. The 24-year-old likes himself to be presented as a visionary person with great ambitions and dreams to achieve.

He has a distinct feature as he has some crispiness in his vocal which helps him to grab public attention by being a bit different than others. His raspy voice has been one of the leading centers of attraction for his growing popularity as well. The new-generational artist also has his flow of vocals which usually is deliberately aggressive, his bars have significant meaning from his past including the struggles of the streets, and his music touches straight to the heart because of which the audience sympathizes deeply and gets connected. 

Saviii is considered to be one of the greatest upcoming gems in the music industry, it is going to carry forward the legacy the legends have passed on to the generation of the youth. His soulful music has not disappointed anyone so the audience believes he will make more great songs likewise.

Quick Facts about Saviii 3rd

Full NameTyrus Washington
Stage NameSaviii 3rd
BirthplaceLong Beach East, South Los Angeles
Age24 years
ProfessionSinger, Rapper

Saviii 3rd Real Name

Saviii 3rd is a famous hip-hop artist and musician who goes by Tyrus Washington as his real name.

He is also identified as Johnnie Lee Brown.

Saviii is known for his soulful music, along with his raspy voice. Saviii claims to be a music devotee who came into the music industry to carry the legacy and leave it behind for the future generation. He also once said that he was not into earning money or gaining fame but just releasing music that can be a healer to others. 

Rapper Saviii 3rd with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar
Rapper Saviii 3rd with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar ( Source : instagram )

Tyrus was born and raised on the East Side of Long Beach. He was a child full of passion for sports, leading him to play football and basketball at 13. Although his passion was football, he couldn't extend that as it affected his grades in college. After quitting football, he was disheartened, which later made him grow more of his taste in music. During college, he pursued music and started making rap songs independently. Finally, he dreamt about making his entry into the music industry.

Saviii 3rd then entered the rap world with a demo he and his friends made at 14. Whereas a year later, he also completed his first mixtape. He was supported by his mother and his father a lot, as his mother was also a songstress for her local church, and his father was a hip-hop musician.

What is Rapper Saviii 3rd Net Worth?

Rapper Saviii 3rd has not revealed his net worth. According to popnable, he has an earning of around $15,000 per year and his net worth could be around $100,000.

He claimed to be in the music industry to flourish in music rather than earn. 

Saviii said he doesn't care about money or fame; he wants to leave behind a legacy where audiences can remember him for who he is in the rap world. The journey of the young rapper is far beyond ordinary, initially gaining the attention of fellow Long Beach native Warren G. He was also the first artist signed to Stunna’s new imprint Cash Money West. 

Saviii has made some top-notch music and is enjoying his fame. However, he hasn't yet said anything about his income or his total accumulated net worth.

Saviii 3rd Age

Tyrus Washington, better known as Saviii 3rd, is a young rapper aged 24.

Saviii 3rd during his sister's baby shower
Saviii 3rd during his sister's baby shower ( Source : instagram )

He started making music when he was 18 years old. But his rapping career got on hold as he was jailed for 4 years.

The 24-year-old, has made a massive impact in the music industry with his raspy voice and has undertaken the audience worldwide. The young blood is full of passion and enthusiasm to make great music. Saviii 3rd has already established himself in the music industry as an aspiring artist full of the potential to create great music.

He has a younger sister named Jylla. She recently gave birth to her twin kids.

Saviii 3rd Stolen Equipment Allegations

Saviii 3rd was recently put behind bars for the allegation of stealing some electrical equipment.