Who Is Sandeep Unnikrishnan Wife Isha And Neha? Major Story On Documentary Movie

Actor Adivi Sesh playing the role of Sandeep Unnikrishnan in the movie biopic
Actor Adivi Sesh playing the role of Sandeep Unnikrishnan in the movie biopic "Major".( Source : tribuneindia )

Sandeep Unnikrishnan is a patriot who died in the 26/11 Mumbai attack. He is hailed as an Indian hero who saved thousands of lives. The inspiration behind Sandeep's life is Isha, his wife.

Unnikrishnan was an elite member of 51 special action groups of the National Security Guards. He was martyred while serving his mission in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He was an army officer who received Ashoka Chakra; the highest reputable award and the peacetime gallantry award on 26th January 2009. 

The Major's regiment was the Bihar regiment he was in operation Vijay, Parakram, Rakshak, counter-insurgency, and operation black tornado. He had graduated from the National defense academy, Indian military academy, and high altitude warfare school. 

Sandeep Unnikrishnan Wife Isha aka Neha

Sandeep's wife Neha also known as Isha were close classmates who met during their school time.

Isha is the character name of Neha Unnikrishnan in the movie based on his story.

The duo met in their public school in Bangalore and spent fourteen years together studying. They were acquainted as friends which later on turned into a deeper relationship bond. 

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Isha and Sandeep were married after Sandeep graduated from his military education. However, their marriage was short-lived due to Sandeep's death in action while saving thousands of victims in the 26/11 attack. 

Nonetheless, the world remembers the contributions of Sandeep. His family was also taken care of by the Indian government. The major is hailed as the hero of the nation for saving thousands of lives by planning and rescuing civilians and terminating the terrorist threat. 

Sandeep Unnikrishnan Major Family 

Sandeep Unnikrishnan's family was from Malayali. They resided in Bangalore and move to Kozhikode, Kerala. He was the son of retired ISRO officers K. Unnikrishnan and Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan. 

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Likewise, he had a happy childhood, he attended The Frank Anthony Public School in Bangalore and graduated in 1995 in the ISC science stream. He was a good athlete and participated in multiple school activities. 

Similarly, Unnikrishnan was praised by his teachers and peers for putting effort into all the activities that were in the school. He was a responsible individual who adhered to the command of teachers and fulfilled his obligations. 

Thus, he always enjoyed watching movies and had many hobbies, as he played various sports and was interested in joining the army from a young age. 

Sandeep Unnikrishnan Death

Sandeep died in an operation black tornado where several historical and significant buildings of South Mumbai were attacked. He was involved in rescuing the hostages and terminating the threats. While risking his life, the major terminated four terrorists and rescued 14 hostages but lost his life in the action. 

Sandeep was part of the Oscar Squadron and a graduate of the 94th Course from the National Defence Academy (India) from Pune Maharastra in 1995. Also, he completed his regular course in 1999 at the Indian Military Academy (IMA). 

Sandeep also trained in High Altitude Warfare School at Gulmarg. He served various districts including Siachen, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Hyderabad, and Rajasthan. He joined National Security Guard and completed his training as well. 

His training and military knowledge were helpful for him to overcome the odds while saving and eliminating terrorists. In his honor, many documentaries and movies were made "Major" produced by Mahesh Babu was released in 2020. 

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