Sam Smith New Song "Unholy" Started A New TikTok Trend, Lyrics Explained

Sam Smith and Kim Petras's new song Unholy which is trending on TikTok.
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Sam Smith is back with his new song, Unholy which is creating great trends and buzz on TikTok and other social media before its official release. 

Sam Smith is one of those artists in the music industry who has the talent of singing in any kind of genre from ballads to pop, Edm, and many more. The complete package of talent and magical voice is back with his new banger Unholy, ft lady with the mesmerizing charm Kim Petras. 

Unholy is going to be officially released on 9th September 2022 but has released a 1-minute snippet as of now. Despite just being a snippet of the song, it has gained massive views and support from the people who are going crazy over the catchy lyrics.

Unholy has been tremendously popular on the social media platforms like TikTok where several people are making the transition and dance videos on the song which is a way to express how much they are liking the song. People are mostly being big-time fans of the beat and the catchy lyrics.

Sam Smith has tried to show his freakier side in this song to his audience. The lyrics are much more meaningful than you had thought. So, let's dig in together to know the explanation of the meaning of the song, "Unholy" by Sam Smith and Kim Petras.

Sam Smith New Song Unholy and TikTok Trend

Sam Smith is all set to heat the environment with the official release of his new song Unholy which has already been a TikTok Trend.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras got together for this project and are all set for the official release of the new It-song of the town. Sam and Kim had been teasing their fans for the past few weeks by releasing short teasers, whereas now they have officially named their song Unholy and have also released a snippet of the song.

The pair were seen sharing a kind of dance routine on their official, individual TikTok pages. They were sharing some clips of the music video on their TikTok profiles which made the fans more excited to listen to their song. The beat of the song is just so sick to listen to and the bass suits perfectly with it.

The teaser alone of Unholy has been creating sensation all over the media
Source : youtube

Sam Smith first uploaded a video of him and Kim grooving in his recording studio on the song, where Kim was seen to be so much into the feels singing the song. The TikTok was posted from Sam's account. The video got so many positive responses from their fans in a very less time.

Sam posted the first video on the sound "Unholy" on the 18th of August, 2022 and till now it has 29.9k videos under the sound. All kinds of videos like transition, dance routines, and lip syncing have been posted on this song making it the latest TikTok trend.

Sam Smith Unholy Song Lyrics and Its Meaning

The to-be-released song Unholy is a bit different than Sam's previous songs which have made fans wonder what the lyrics mean.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras's teaser of their new drop, Unholy is creating some buzz all over the market where people are talking about the actual meaning behind the song.  The song has a very significant and vibing beat along with some catchy lyrics that helped the song gain this sort of popularity.

Unholy has been all over social media specially TikTok where people are posting on the song showing some crazy amount of jaw-dropping talent. The full song is yet to be released and just a snippet of the song is what, hyping the official full version song.

The pre-chorus and chorus are so far sung by Sam whereas a verse is held down by Kim Petras. The lyrics of the song go like this:

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot at the body shop

Doing something unholy

He sat back while she's dropping it, she e popping it, yeah

She put it down slowly...

Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot at the body shop, woo

Based on the lyrics heard till now we can guess that it's a song about someone cheating with their lover. The scene is as per the chorus and the pre-chorus shows us an insight into a married couple as they are addressed as mummy and daddy. 

The song is a bit confusing as both the husband and wife are saying to be cheating on each other. In the pre-chorus, it sounds as if the lady is cheating on her husband, but hearing the chorus we can know that a third person who might be a child is saying that man (referred to as daddy) is getting freaky with another girl rather than his wife/ the mother (referred to as mummy).

According to songmeaningsandfacts, as the lyrics state, getting hot at the body shop might not be talking about the body shop but rather can be a brothel or a strip club. 

Sam Smith Religion and Parents

Raised by amazing pair of parents, Sam Smith has always been a proud catholic despite the acceptance of homosexuality.

Samuel Frederick Smith popularly known as Sam Smith was born on May 19, 1992, in London to his father Frederick Smith, and his mother Kate Cassidy. Sam was born in London and grew up in Great Chishill, Cambridgeshire, and completed his primary studies at Thomas ore Primary School in his village.

Sam smith his father and mother during an event
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Sam grew up in a religious Catholic household and attended a Catholic school in his town. Sam was very open about his sexuality and was the only gay in his Catholic school. Sam had the confidence to come out of his closet from a very young age and was openly accepted by his parents. 

Sam's parents are very lovable and have been supporting Sam in every path of his life. Even though Sam's family and parents were following Catholicism as a religion, they happily accepted Sam as being gay and supported him throughout.  Talking about this reference, the Catholic church considers same-sex marriage a sin. 

His Songs That Are Most Popular on TikTok

Sam Smith has given treasures to the music industry among which some of them got popular on TikTok.

Sam has been ruling the music industry with his charming and melodious voice. From ballads to pop, he has been releasing top-tier music for his fans which is absolutely a delight to the ear. Sam has been acing in his profession and giving some major hits day-by-day.

Some of the songs, Sam released have been an absolute blessing and have been tremendously popular on the platforms like TikTok. Sam has been an avid follower and takes Adele and Amy Winehouse as his influence to sing and release some soothing songs.

Some popular songs of Sam Smith on TikTok
Source : youtube

Some of the Sam Smith songs that are among the most popular songs on TikTok are "Too Good at Goodbyes", "I'm Not The Only One", "Like I can", " La La La" ft. Naughty boy, "Love Me More", and "Fire on Fire" are listed as a few. 

The depth and meaning of the song are what makes Sam's song unique and popular. "Too Good at Goodbyes" has a total of 620.6 k videos under the sound whereas "I'm Not The Only One" has 10.8k videos. Likewise, "Like I can" has a whooping 1.8 million videos under it. 

Talking about " La La La" ft. Naughty boy, "Love Me More", and "Fire on Fire" has 92.8k, 55.6k, and 371.3k videos under them respectively. 

His Net Worth 2022

Sam Smith has been one of the most famous musicians and artists in the whole music industry which has helped him earn a whooping net worth.

The 30-year-old artist, originally from London earns most of his income from his singing and songwriting career. Sam has been one of the top British singers and rose to fame for his appearance on Disclosure's chart-busting single  "Latch" which was able to secure the 11th position on the UK Singles Chart in October 2012.

Singer and songwriter Sam Smith has a whooping net worth made from his career
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As of now, Sam has been able to accumulate a total net worth of $45 million, according to Thewikifeed. Sam has made himself well recognized all over the world and continues to make some dope songs that are being loved by the audience a lot. The latest snippet of the song Unhorny is also making a sensation in the industry.

The audience from all over the world goes crazy to hear Sam sing once. His purity and angelic voice are one of the best things about him. Hope to see Sam grace his career and grace the audience with his melodious and soulful singing. 

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