Russell Brand has gained much public and media attention after his remarks about MSNBC in a recent podcast. The podcast was aired on  Friday.

It happened in the podcast "Real time with Bill Maher" podcast. He was debating about the relevancy of media and the hypocrisy of the media.

He compared both the media fox news and MSNBC and claimed that both media have the same hypocritical reporting. He further said that the biases of both the media are not any different.

The actor was with fellow MSNBC political analyst John Heilwmann as both were invited as guests in the show.

He went head to toe with John Heilemann and claimed that MSNBC is a propagandist nutcracker. He further went on to rant that no media houses are to be treated in a different matter for their credibility as both have the same level of biases.

Russell Brand viral video

Russell Brand has become the talk of social media in recent days because of his remarks about Msnbc. Recently, the clip which has gone viral on social media has got everyone's attention.

A famous person like Elon musk praised his flamboyance over the viral clip by sharing his video.

He is an actor and comedian who is usually believed to be on the right-wing side of politics. In the viral clip, he is seen taking a jibe at the political analyst of MSNBC named John Heilemann. The duo was on a heated exchange in a show which went viral.

Russel's Brand takes dig at MNSBC ( Source : youtube )

The video has since taken off on social media with the clip having the views around 1 million views on Twitter. The same video was having 2.5 million views on a famous social media site called TikTok.

The viral clip has got the attention of many. Netizens are in awe of the clip as they have called the remarks of the actor nail on the coffin.

Social Media reaction on Russel Brand viral video

Russell Brands' viral video calling out MSNBC has sparked a debate and praise on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Many social media users have loaded praises on the actor's gutsy move to reject the hypocrisy of the left-leaning media.

A famous media personality Benny Johnson shared the video of the viral video and wrote, "Russell Brand Ends the career of MSNBC host, this is as close as you can get to a murder on live tv."

Another Media personality Clay Travis wrote, "Russell Brand took a flamethrower to MSNBC directly to an MSNBC employee's face Enjoy".

Another media host Liz wheeler wrote on Twitter, "Russell Brands Slaysssss MSNBC.The best part is at the end when lib asks for a "specific example" and Brand is like "here ya go mate" and gives two."

Even the Twitter owner, Elon Musk was not hesitant to heap praise for the Brand's slamming of MSNBC by sharing the video on Twitter.


What Russell Brand actually ranted ?

Russell Brand ranting about MSNBC in the viral podcast has become a social media buzz. But what actually his rant was about and what was the fuss between the two guests on the show?

Well, from the viral clip, Brand seems to suggest that MSnbc should look into their face and shouldn't be criticizing the rival media outlet blatantly. He directed his fellow guest on the show John Heilemann that the biases presented by Msnbc are no different than those by fox news.

Heilemann responded by countering that the comparisons between the two are false equivalence. He urged that the Brand had gone to the MNsbc just only once and he has no right to call out MSNBC.

Russell Brand is now viral for his views against Msnbc
Russell Brand is now viral for his views against Msnbc( Source : instagram )

He further presented one such example of any propaganda by MSnbc.

Russell responded by giving the example of the false narrative spread by MSNBC about the vaccine Ivermactin calling it "horse medicine." Still, the actor claimed that it was an effective medicine.

Russell Brand past Scandals and Controversy

It is not the first time that the Russell Brand has been caught on Social media buzz. He has a past history of other scandals and controversies.

In September 2021, Brand echoed the thought of how to avoid covid-19 safety measures for people attending his tour. In October 2021, YouTube began reviewing some of Brand's videos to determine if they violated the platform's COVID-19 vaccine policies.

Columnist Charlotte Lytton slammed Brand for spreading anti-vaccine agenda and promoting pro-Russian conspiracy theories concerning the Russia-Ukraine war.

Russell Brand shows MSNBC how to carry out interview ( Source : youtube )

In 2013 when interviewed by MSNBC, he told the hosts that they should learn how to take an interview and he didn't feel that they knew the basic media etiquette.

He further claimed that there was nothing to consider a morning show and there was nothing "Joe" in the morning Joe Show.

He termed the interview bizarre and asked the hosts if these are the things they did for a living.