Melissa Gorga, a celebrated television personality, author, and singer, is reportedly cheating on her husband, Joe. Let's find out about her relationship and feud with Teressa Giudice. 

Gorga is the mother of three children and resides in Montville, New Jersey, with her husband, Joe Gorga. She was the main cast of the show Real Housewives since 2011. 

Moreover, her book and musical career have brought positive results and reception from the public. She released her single in 2011 and released an EP for four songs. 

Outside of her television and musical career, she has a booming business jewelry business line and restaurant in New Jersey as well. She is one of the wealthiest cast of Real Housewives. 

RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Reportedly Cheating On Joe

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga has experienced plenty of turmoil. A press article said that she had an affair with Joe, her husband.


Joe is a television personality who achieved notoriety through The Real Housewives of New Jersey. He is also a real estate developer. He is a father to his kids and husband to his wife, Melissa. 

Joe's wife was accused of cheating on her husband. However, she fought back against such claims. According to Life & Style, she was intimate with her ex Brayan Bowen in 2013.

According to various sources, she spoke about her affair with her cast mates Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola about her marital affair. 

Melissa Gorga Feud With Teresa Giudice 

The feud between two celebrated stars of "Real Housewives of New Jersey"(ROHNJ) began after Melissa joined her sister-in-law on RHONJ during season 3.


Teresa's brother Joe is married to Melissa. Their continuous fight strained their relationship, which developed hostility in the RHONJ. 

Later, the two women called a truce. Still, their relations further deteriorated after melissa found out that Teresa called her gold digger and got involved in stripper-gate, according to the rumors. 

Moreover, the two women of RHONJ are unable to settle their dispute. They have not yet overcome their differences.

According to Page Six, Melissa Gora and Joe Gora are skipping the wedding of her sister Teresa with Luis Ruelas. 

According to sources, the Gora couple has not given justification for their cancellation. Teressa, 50, seems to have a big rumor likely to disrupt Melissa and Joe's marriage. 

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Melissa Gorga And Bryan" Bulldog" Bowen's Relationship

Melissa Gorga is the ex of Bryan Bowen. They used to share a close relationship. Melissa and Bryan lived together before she was in a relationship with Joe. 

She lied to Joe about her relationship with Bryan. To live with Joe, she lies that her roommate kicked her out, but in reality, she left her former boyfriend and pursued a connection with a new one. 

Additionally, she was revealed to have a secret affair with Brayn. He also did not have any problems in the relationship. 

Before marrying Joe, she had a relationship with Bryan for four years. He was facing a brain tumor in 2013 and had a life-threatening surgery. 

He has since healed from his wound and taken on more active roles in his career endeavors.

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