Artist Red Astaire referred to as Freddie Cruger passed unexpectedly. Sola Rosa announced his death via an online message.

From the mid-90s onwards, the musician made music with ADL, Ayo, Swingfly, Linn, Anthony Mills, and a slew of other artists.

Astaire has been busy traveling the world as a DJ and producing music on his own label, Homegrown Records, since his final Tru Thoughts release in 2006 whereas one of these releases being the inaugural, and now exceedingly rare, Wildcookie 12".

On social media, his admirers and friends are expressing their condolences to his family and expressing their sadness at his demise.

New Zealand Artist Red Astaire Aka Freddie Cruger Death Surprises Many

Red Astaire, a Stockholm-based producer, died last weekend, as per the numerous close friends. At the time of publishing, the circumstances surrounding the musician’s death had not been made public.

Sola Rosa announces his death on social media and stated “So saddened to hear about the tragic loss of Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire”.


Rosa adds that Freddie's music is a real inspiration to her and many in the underground scene in Aotearoa. Sola was fortunate enough to connect with him over recent years and he was always supportive, encouraging, and warm, they even talked about collaboration. Hw will live on in the music brother.

Friends, Colleagues, officials, and veterans are sending their condolences and tributes to the family in respect of Freddie’s death. The musician will be greatly missed.

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Red Astaire Age: How Old Was He?

 Lager might be between 45-50 years as per our assumption. However, his exact date of birth is not available on online sites.

Fredrik Lager released the new track "Bounce 2 Da Beatbox" with Greg Nice under his own label Homegrown Records as recently as April 2022. Breakin'Bread Records and Gordon Cyrus write:

Rest In Peace, their dear friend, brother, father, son, and many other things. He will be much missed, and they send their heartfelt sympathies and prayers to his family.


Moreover, Cruger has two solo albums available on streaming sites, "Just Chillin'in the Spot" and "Soul Search," as well as the project "Cookie Dough" with Anthony Mills as producer duo Wildcookie. There are also a few other EP ventures from over the years.

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Musician Red Astaire’s Net Worth And Career Tribute

The exact net worth of Freddie is not known, however, he must have amassed a huge fortune throughout his music career.

He first became acquainted with hip-hop while working as a break dancer in the early 1980s. Freddie was introduced to the world of black dance music by his electric boogie dancing brother, who was collecting records at the time.

He worked weekends at Space, a famed import record store in Stockholm, around 1985-86. (special job cleaning the toilet). He began purchasing more albums at this time, primarily electro and rap tracks, but also disco and funk 12"/7" oldies.


As things progressed, in1988, he purchased his first drum machine and turntables (which he considers to be the best investment he's ever made).

Around the year 91, he met Mad Mats (Raw Fusion/Jugglin') and began hanging out in Mats' downtown Stockholm studio. This sparked a friendship and business partnership that continues to this day.

He acquired his first sampler in 1992 and released his first 12" vinyl under the band Chimney Heads in 1994, (only 100 copies printed).

But since then, he's collaborated with a diverse range of musicians, including China Moses (DeDe Bridgewater's daughter), Bob Powers (A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots), Rappadon, Baz Baz, La Nata (France), ADL, Desmond Foster, Linn, Swing Fly, Anthony David, Bas-1, and many others.

It’s safe to presume that Freddie must have a sizable fortune to live his lavish life.

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