Rapper Yatta Bandz  real name is Kenyana Jones. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area. 

He is still in touch with his fans through social media platforms although he is locked up in prison for 12 long years.

His YouTube channel has over 107K subscribers and has posted his music videos.

His fans and supporters have an immeasurable amount of love for him which can be clearly seen from the views and likes on his YouTube account. He loves entertaining his fans with his amazing raps and lyrics that most people can relate to.

What Is Rapper Yatta Bandz Real Name?

Kenyana Jones is the real name of a very popular and talented rapper, who is mostly known by his stage name Yatta Bandz. He is from the Bay Area and is twelve long years of a jail sentence.

One of his most popular music is Don't Go which was released 4 months ago and has over 2 million views following his other music video Don't forget me which has 1.1 million views on YouTube. He recently released some heart-touching music which includes Too Many Time, On My Way, Immortal, and Warzone.


He is also quite popular on TikTok with 267.9k followers and 2.3 million likes on his account. His songs and raps are very popular on TikTok as well.

 The rapper's fake news of the death had flooded social media with lots of inquiries and tears. Unfortunately, most of his fans had believed the news and were heartbroken by the fake rumor.

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What is Yatta Bandz's Age?

Yatta Bandz is a young, 28 years old rapper from San Francisco. He is a self-made star who has been uploading his raps on his YouTube and gaining popularity.

Most of his fans find his songs and lyrics relatable to their life. He has been living in a number of people's hearts and is gaining a lot at a very young age.

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What is Yatta Bandaz's Ethnicity?

Yatta Bandaz is a rising star who has been a most talked about celebrity for his raps and music from San Fransisco. Being a newcomer in the field of music and rap, most of his personal information is not revealed. 

He has been climbing the stairs of success every day. We hope he keeps on growing individually and professionally.