How Old Is Rapper Tornillo Aka Osiel Vazquez? Age Details

Mexican rapper Tornillo, aka Osiel Vazquez, is around the age of 20 - 30 years old.

Tornillo pictured with his young fan in September 2022
Tornillo pictured with his young fan in September 2022 ( Source : instagram )

He seems rather young and has achieved stardom at the age of his 20s. However, his actual age and birthday details are not available for public knowhow on the internet. Likewise, nothing regarding this topic can be found on social media platforms as well.

Thus, in absence of official data, we can only estimate the range based on his online presence, and from that perspective, the rapper seems to be around 20 to 30 years old. Given his youthful appearance, Tornillo is likely in his early to mid-twenties.

Tornillo Wiki Bio And Career

Whole Tornillo is yet to receive his Wikipedia bio page, his career journey has been magnificent to this date.

He rose to prominence in his musical career after he got famous on TikTok where he often posts clips of his songs and other videos. Following his rise to stardom, the man has used his fan following to gain a stellar rise in the music industry with his songs and has enjoyed success.

With over 20 songs released under his name on Apple Music, Tornillo has established himself as a respectable musical artist in the industry with his excellent music and lyrics. However, despite the recent rise, he is yet to be recognized by the official Wikipedia page.

Tornillo Family And Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone?

Rapper Tornillo has remained tight-lipped about his family and love life, as he keeps them far from media attention.

Rapper Tornillo pictured at night in his neighborhood
Rapper Tornillo pictured at night in his neighborhood ( Source : instagram )

As much as he likes to express himself and his music on the internet, the vocalist is quite secretive about his private affairs. He has not yet opened up about his parents and other family members on the media and has not shared any details about them.

Likewise, Tornillo has not yet gone Instagram official with his love partner, even if he has someone in his life. There are no photos of his possible love interest on his social media handles and no data regarding his personal life can be found on online sites.

As a result, the details of his family and love life remain a mystery to the media and the fans, as the rapper has maintained a clear boundary between his personal and professional life.

Some FAQs

What Is Rapper Tornillo's Real Name?

Mexican rapper Tornillo's real name is Osiel Vazquez. He often portrays his identity as Tornillo Vazquez.

How Old Is Tornillo?

Guessing from his online appearance, Tornillo seems to be around the age of 20 - 30.

Does Tornillo Have A Girlfriend?

Tornillo doesn't seem to have a girlfriend as the rapper appears to be single based on the available information.