Paul Anka is alive and doing well as the death hoax of the legendary singer is debunked by the reps and other people.

Paul Anka is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor best recognized for his songs DianaLonely BoyPut Your Head On My Shoulders & Having My Baby.

These are some of the generation's most popular songs, and all credit goes to the Canadian artist for creating such amazing music. With several other music releases, as well as songwriting and works for multiple shows, Anka is a legendary singer.

Mass fame also comes with much media exposure, and too much media exposure also brings in a series of fake news and gossip. In early July, a Facebook page dedicated to the passing of Paul wrote an obituary mentioning that the artist was no more.

It quickly spread on social media and gained over a million likes, followed by other people's condolence posts. However, after a routine check with major Canadian media outlets, the news turned out to be an internet hoax.

Is Paul Anka Still Alive?

Yes, the Canadian singer, Paul Anka, is still alive and is in a fine health state, as stated by his reps.


While some believed the bogus information circulated by the fake Facebook page, others looked for more information on the internet, and it instantly became clear that the music artist was not dead but in a proper health condition.

There is no official news of his passing on the Canadian media portals, which is unthinkable since the sites would have instantly reported on the passing of such a legendary figure. On top of that, no verified sources conveyed the incident as well.

Similarly, Media Mass further depicts that the singer's reps spoke and relayed about the singer's well-being. From these considerations, it is clear that Paul Anka is still alive.

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Paul Anka Death Hoax Debunked

Paul Anka's death hoax was debunked after people didn't find any verified reports about the subject matter on the internet.

Many believed the fake news spread by R.I.P Paul Anka's Facebook page, which stated that the man had passed away on July 3. Seeing this detail, several individuals took to their Facebook accounts to post condolence messages. It quickly escalated to other media platforms such as Twitter.

However, a few remaining others decided to check the verifiability of the message and easily knew about the fake information. So, the death hoax was discredited soon after more people learned about the lack of truth in the death report.

Where Is Paul Anka Now?

Paul Anka now travels to various places as he performs in different music shows and concerts.


The 80-year-old is still active as a singer and regularly releases his new songs and other music collections. Not only that, but the Canadian singer also performs in various shows and sessions conducted on his behalf.

From this, it is pretty clear that the music artist is in a good physical state to travel the distance and perform at events. Nonetheless, his exact whereabouts or place of stay is unclear to the outsiders.

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