Who Is Haley Mcdonald? Patrick Carney Cheating On His Wife With Her

Patrick Carney has been reported heating his wife. On August 11, his wife Michelle Branch posted on her social media about him having an extramarital affair. She underwent miscarriage in December 2020. Carney's wife accused him of dating his manager Haley Mcdonald.

Mcdonald is the manager of Full Stop Management located at 1100 Glendon Avenue, Suite 2000, Los Angeles. In February of this year, Carney's wife gave birth to a daughter. It seems like she discovered her husband's disloyalty and spread the news across the social media platform. It didn't take much time for the news to get spread rapidly.

Patrick Carney's partner Haley Mcdonald tweeted a post as she found her husband cheating her
Patrick Carney's partner Haley Mcdonald tweeted a post as she found her husband cheating her( Source : com )

His spouse also got arrested on the charge of domestic violence for slapping him for cheating on her. With all these ups and downs, his spouse had filed for a divorce from him for the reason of "irreconcilable differences". 

She has requested the custody of her two daughters with Carney. In addition, she looks forward to having child support and legal fees from her husband. 

What Is Patrick Carney Age? - Wiki

Patrick Carney was born on 15 April 1980, which makes him 42 years of age. Carney is best known for being a drummer of a blues rock band from Akron, Ohio. He takes his father, Jim as his inspiration to embrace a musical career.

Carney has got his official Wikipedia page. His debut album along with Auerback, the lead guitarist released the album "The Big Come Up." He currently writes and produces music out of his Nashville-based recording studio, Audio Eagle. 

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Learn About Patrick Carney And Wife Michelle Branch Divorce

Patrick Carney and his wife, Michelle Branch's divorce has surfaced on the internet as Branch tweeted a post. We guess it is normal for any wife to slap the husband upon discovering his monkey business outside the marital boundary. 

That is unfair for a wife to stay at home taking care of a child while her husband flirts outside. In the case of Carney's cheating, Branch filing for divorce makes sense. It is not sure if Carney now is trying to save his married life.

Meet Patrick Carney Ex-Wives

Patrick Carney got married a couple of times but has never been able to save his marriage life. He got married to Denise Grollmus in 2007. She is a writer, scholar, and teacher. Grollmus also worked as a journalist for the Village Voice media. The couple got separated after two years of their marriage.

Patrick got married to Emily Ward
Patrick got married to Emily Ward ( Source : https://vimbuzz )

The drummer of the Black Keys then tied the knot with Emily Ward on 2012. They got separated in the January of 2016. The musician then married his current wife, Michelle Branch. Now, she has also filed for divorce. We are not sure if he will get married next to his current partner Mcdonald. 

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