Nouman Ali Khan Wife Valerie De Leon And Spiritual Abuse Allegations Exposed

Nouman Ali Khan Islamic speaker
Nouman Ali Khan Islamic speaker( Source : smallbiography )

Nouman Ali Khan filed a divorce against his wife Valerie De Leon and got into abuse allegations. 

After teaching Arabic at Nassau Community College, Nouman Ali Khan, a Pakistani-American Muslim speaker, established the Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Qur'anic Studies.

Despite his respectable profession, many people verified his abuse allegations. Proofs have been shared on social media against his character.

Read About Nouman Ali Khan Wife Valerie De Leon & Abuse Allegations

While still married to his wife Valerie De Leon, Nouman Ali Khan got allegations of abuse from many other women. 

Nouman Ali Khan, being a well-known Islamic speaker, could not hide his marital status and having kids. A woman who shared only her initial to keep under the shade as N.M. spoke about her abuse.

( Source : facebook )

N.M. was struggling in her life as his parents got separated. She declined religion having a hard time in her life. In this course of seeking peace, she came across Khan. 

He offered her a job to ease her difficult situation. Slowly, Khan showed interest in her and started talking about his intention to romance her. At the same time, he told her that he is divorcing his wife. 

N.M. took him as a father figure, but his approach to him got intensified as he started setting her more text and his topless photos. His messages to her got exposed on social media, and that was when other women expressed allegations against him.

It came to know that he had been interested in different women and had approached them with such intentions. He even gave money to N.M. as huss money to hide his true face.

Khan tried to prevent the allegations against him. It was embarrassing to find out such truth about the pious person. 

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Detail On Nouman Ali Khan Scandal 

In 2017, Nouman Ali Khan was exposed to involvement in inappropriate misconduct that became a scandal. Several well-known Muslim-American community leaders have made public statements on social media.

A sizable portion of them has affirmed the veracity of the allegations of Khan's gender-based and sexual misbehavior. A bunch of screenshots from a website whose homepage reads, "We are the victims of the womanizing and lying of Nouman Ali Khan."

There were revelations of inappropriate messages with other women, the majority of whom were similarly made to believe he was interested in marrying them.

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Where Is Nouman Ali Khan Now?

Nouman Ali Khan is still in Euless, Texas, The United States. He is the founder of Bayyinah Institute. Digging his social media pages, he still posts quotes or articles related to Islam.

( Source : youtube )

His Facebook accounts revealed that he is working on the first episode of three-part series called Ustadh Nouman. He interviewed Jabal Al Nour, who does up and down the mountain every single day.

He goes to different places and events to share his knowledge about Quran. He is working with the vision that everyone may be able to learn the original Arabic language of the Quran in case they wish to. He wants to make the language accessible and easy to learn regardless of the learner's origin. 

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