Where Is Nancy Gordeuk Now?

Nancy Gordeuk now lives in Lilburn, Georgia, United States.

Nancy Gordeuk, the former TNT Academy principal
Nancy Gordeuk, the former TNT Academy principal ( Source : Dailymail )

Nancy Gordeuk is a Georgia principal who was highly criticized after she made racial remarks at a graduation ceremony. According to her LinkedIn profile she is now living in her residence at Lilburn, Georgia, United States,

The Georgia principal was fired from her position in 2015. She is now retired and lives in her residence.

The principal has worked at TNT (Teaching New Traditions) Academy. She started working there in June of 2000. Further, she started to work at Choice International Academy in June of 2018.

Why Was Nancy Gordeuk Fired? 

Nancy Gordeuk was fired because at a graduation ceremony she made a racial remark.

Nancy was fired from her position in 2015 at TNT Academy after her racial remarks at a graduation ceremony. However, the principal denies it by saying it was totally unintentional and not in the manner she wanted to put it.

The Georgia principal also adds that the people who know her would not take it in an abusive way. Further, she immediately issued an apology the next day.

In her apology, she blames it on the devil. Further, she was also fired from Stone Mountain School she founded. She is also the founder of TNT Academy.

Her remark "Look who is leaving-all the Black people" made the parents stand up and leave the ceremony. She later emailed the parents and made an apology.

Nancy Gordeuk Family

Though there is not much information, we were able to collect some information about Nancy Gordeuk Family.

Nancy's son Travis and his Facebook posts
Nancy's son Travis and his Facebook posts ( Source : Starcasm )

Nancy Gordeuk's personal information is very little on the internet. There is no information about her parents in any sources.

A man claiming to be her son came to her defense after she was heavily criticized. The man took it to Facebook and posted a post to defend her using racially abusive words.

Nancy Gordeuk Wiki

Nancy is secretive about her personal life, however, we gathered some wiki details about her.

Nancy Gordeuk is an American teacher based in Georgia, United States. She is currently retired and used to work at TNT Academy and Choice International Academy.

There is not much information available about her family members. Neither her parents nor her husband is known. Further, there is not any disclosure of her personal life in her LinkedIn account.

A man named Travis Gordeuk appears to be her son. He defended Nancy on Facebook by using abusive words.

Though her birth date is not revealed yet, she appears to be in her fifties from her photos. Further, there is no disclosure of her educational background. However, she was the principal of a school so we can assume that she has a certain University degree.