The death news of Adriel Alvarado, a former gang member and husband of transgender activist, Monae Alvarado, has saddened internet users and fans are curious to know what happened.

Monae Alvarado is a transgender activist who met her husband, Adriel Alvarado, while jailed at a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution.

Monae, 29, was arrested before her transition and was imprisoned according to her birth gender; they were both being housed in a medium-security jail for men.

She was imprisoned for burglary, while Adriel was serving time for illegal gun ownership after breaking parole on a previous third-degree murder conviction, the sentencing of which was once again linked to his unlawful gun possession.

Pennsylvania: Who Is Adriel Alvarado?

Adriel Alvarado is a former gang member who has served a six-year sentence for gun possession and gang activity and is the husband of transgender activist, Monae Alvarado. He got released in 2020.

Adriel is the son of Yolanda & Adriel Alvarado and was born in Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. He met his Monae Alvarado in the laundry room at the Philadelphia prison. Monae is a transgender woman who was sentenced to three years for burglary. She got released in 2017.

Despite the fact that the 2012 Jail Rape Elimination Act (PREA Standards) encourages agencies to pay special attention to LGBTQ people and people who do not match gender stereotypes, Monae was not given the option of going to a women's prison facility until 2015.

Monae Alvarado Husband Death & Obituary: Twitter Tribute

Adriel Alvarado, the husband of Monae Alvarado, has reportedly died. He has been reportedly stabbed to death. However, his obituary has not been released yet.

Monae confirmed the news of her husband's death via her youtube channel. She has posted a tribute video in memory of her late husband. Likewise, fans have also posted many tributes on Twitter.

Both Adriel and Monae have reported various conflicts and harassment from both officers and convicts. Adriel claims that members of his gang jumped and stabbed him multiple times.

Adriel Alvarado Family Story & Son 

Adriel Alvarado Jr is the son of Yolanda & Adriel Alvarado.Carmen and the late Andre Alvarado, Maria A Guzman Corcino, and Heriberto Reyes were his grandparents. He was uncle to Alina, Alyza, Amia, Areliz, Abriam, Anyalie, and Abie.

Adriel was 36 years old when he passed away. Adriel and Monae Alvarado met while jailed at a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution. 

It wasn't simply finding ways to meet together at the beginning of their relationship that was difficult; they also experienced animosity from fellow inmates and prison staff.