Michelle Choi's new boyfriend is Joey Kiho Kim after the breakup with her on-and-off bf Ivan Hui.

American YouTuber and Instagram star, Michelle Choi, is famous for her beauty vlogs. The influencer shares videos about wellness, meal preparations, and mental health. She shares her daily fitness activities and what she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Choi is originally from Seoul, Korea, but is currently based in New York. She was raised in California, and her nationality is American.

Other YouTubers like OKBaby, Poppy Deyes, are also quite popular for their beauty content.

The Korean-American YouTube star Michelle Choi has won the hearts of many fans, but who has won her heart? Once, she revealed that she was in a long-distance relationship with a Korean boyfriend, and now, there are talks that she is dating someone new.

Here in this article, we discuss all there is to know about her new boyfriend and relationship details.

Quick Facts on Michelle Choi

Full NameMichelle Choi
Age28 years old
BoyfriendJoey Kiho Kim
Ex BoyfriendIvan Hui
Net Worth$5 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Model, Influencer, Designer, and Entrepreneur
Siblings1 Brother
YouTubeMichelle Choi

Michelle Choi New Boyfriend In 2022

Michelle Choi's new boyfriend is a model/doctor named Joey Kiho Kim.

Although Choi has not confirmed her relationship with Joey, her doting fans have connected the dots from the hints she gave.

Michelle was randomly teasing her fans with pictures with her boyfriend but was hiding his identity by blurring his upper body part.

However, she didn't conceal his voice in the posts. Joey is also good friends with her friend circle Freesia and Esther. According to a user in Tattlelife, the voice of the man she shared the picture with and the voice of Joey Kiho Kim from an interview matches perfectly. Hence, we believe her boyfriend is Joey.

From the posts she shared, it seems she has been dating the doctor since the beginning of the year, right after her split from Ivan Hui.

Korean Doctor and model Joey Kiho Kim showing off his dashing looks.
Korean Doctor and model Joey Kiho Kim showing off his dashing looks.( Source : straitstimes )

Who is Michelle Choi's Ex-Boyfriend Ivan Hui and Why Did They Breakup?

In 2018, Michelle Choi revealed in her videos that she was in a long-distance relationship with a Korean man named Ivan Hui. 

She shared that they have been dating for over a year and a half.

Ivan Hui is a Korean man better known as the boyfriend of YouTuber, Michelle Choi.

Ivan Hui and Michelle Choi met each other in Korea. Her boyfriend completed his education in the US and returned to Korea to serve in the army.

In her vlogs, she stated she wanted to return to Korea and spend more time with her boyfriend ad make her relationship work out. Ivan often appeared in her vlogs, but it's been a long since he's featured in her videos. And the rumors were that they broke up. Michelle didn't confirm their breakup, but she started posting pictures with a new man whose identity was blurred. 

So, the exact reason behind Michelle Choi and Ivan Hui's breakup is not revealed yet.

Maybe they couldn't work on their relationship due to the long distance and different future ambitions.

Ivan Hui and Michelle Choi's selfie wearing gogs
Ivan Hui and Michelle Choi's selfie wearing gogs( Source : pinterest )

Michelle Choi's Net Worth

Michelle Choi has accumulated a net worth of around $5 Million from her career as a YouTuber.

Choi's primary source of income is YouTube ads and videos. On top of that, she is pretty popular on Instagram, with a fan following of more than half a million. So, she is involved in various endorsements through her Instagram and YouTube.

Moreover, the fitness influencer has a merch database called "Little Puffy."

Little Puffy is a website where you can find designer hats, sweatpants, tank tops, t-shirts, cardigans, and more. It provides worldwide shipping and is based in NYC.

Michelle Choi Family

Michelle Choi comes from an Asian family, as she was born to Korean parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Choy live in Korea, and as per her videos on YouTube, they visit her in NYC repeatedly.

Talking about her siblings, Michelle Choi has a younger brother. She revealed about her little brother as he celebrated his graduation in June 2017.

The 27-year-old has not shared further information about her family; her video content is not based on them. She likes to keep them away from the media spotlight.

Has Michelle Choi Had Plastic Surgery?

Michelle has been a part of a plastic surgery rumor because of her flawless skin.

Many gossip sites like Tattlelife and Gossipguru are portals for fans to discuss this rumor. Some say she had surgery on her eyelids back in South Korea.

The influencer herself had talked about plastic surgery in a video in 2021. But that was just a prank video to get the hilarious reaction from Michelle's mom when she said she wanted to get plastic surgery.

Furthermore, her pictures have no "before and after" differences to support this claim. So, the rumors about her plastic surgery seem fake, and she is naturally beautiful.

Michelle Choi attending a party with a gorgeous sleek black dress and holding a glass of wine
Michelle Choi attending a party with a gorgeous sleek black dress and holding a glass of wine( Source : instagram )

Some FAQs

How Tall Is Michelle Choi?

Michelle Choi stands tall at a height of around 5 feet and 6 inches.

Did Michelle Choi and Ivan Hui Split?

Michelle Choi and Ivan Hui reportedly broke up, and the reason behind the split is a mystery.

What Is Michelle Choi's Net Worth?

Michelle Choi is a famous YouTuber with a net worth of around $5 million.

Has Michelle Choi Had A Plastic Surgery?

Although fans speculate to have had an eye lid surgery, Michelle Choi never addressed the rumors regarding the plastic surgery.

Who is Michelle Choi?

Michelle Choi is an NYC-based Korean American YouTuber, model and Instagram influencer.

Who Is Michelle Choi's New Boyfriend?

Michelle Choi is rumored to be dating a new boyfriend in 2022 and his name is Joey Kiho Kim.